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China meets growing skepticism in Africa – Howard French

A decade of Chinese investments in Africa is triggering off a larger degree of skepticism, writes author Howard French in the New York Times. Earlier this month he published his latest book China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa.

Who is auditing Alibaba? – Paul Gillis

PWC is auditing Alibaba, but – writes accounting professor Paul Gillis at his weblog – it is very unclear whether the Hong Kong or the mainland offfice of PWC is doing the legwork. Officially it is the Hong Kong office, but Gillis has its doubts, and that might matter to the investors.

Rejoice: China investments are bigger than those from the US – Joel Backaler

For the first time, Chinese investments in the US were larger than US investments in China, announced the US Chamber of Commerce in April. About time, writes China consulent Joel Backaler in TealeafNation. “Americans worry that China is buying up the world. But there’s another, better way for U.S. authorities, businesses, and citizens to approach the influx: Embrace it.”

Why a freely convertible Yuan is needed fast – Paul Gillis

Relaxing capital controls is needed fast, argues Beida professor Paul Gillis at his accounting weblog, as he analyses the position of Chukong Holdings Limited. They filed last week for a US IPO, but also use a so-called variable interest entity (VIE) structure, a source of many problems, argues Gillis.

Food: new frontier for the wealthy – Wei Gu

Investment opportunities are huge in food, as scared consumers flock to salad bars and vegetarian restaurants to find safe food. WSJ´s wealth editor Wei Gu explores the news developments with Peggy Liu of the Joint US‑China Cooperation on Clean Energy’s (JUCCCE) in Shanghai.

Being cheap is not enough for Cambodia – Shaun Rein

China has been raising wages over the past decade, and many manufacturers have been contemplating to move to neighboring countries, like Cambodia. But being cheap is not enough for those ASEAN countries to attract production from China, warns author Shaun Rein of The End of Cheap China, in the Phnom Penh Post.

Wanda´s aggressive hotel expansion – Rupert Hoogewerf

Real estate giant Wanda is expanding its upscale hotel chain, both domestically as international. Wanda Hotel and Resorts wants to be a top-player in their industry, tells China Rich List founder Rupert Hoogewerf in CRIEnglish.

What drives Chinese buyers overseas – Wei Gu

The latest bid for the New York Times by tycoon Chen Guangbiao might have been a joke, but there are good reason for Chinese entrepreneurs to go abroad. WSJ´s wealth manager Wei Gu discusses with CEIBS´Oliver Rui why their position with local government is a key reason to invest.

How to open China’s wallets – Tom Doctoroff

China’s government tries to move from an investment-driven economy to a consumer-driven economy. But it is not obvious China’s consumers will follow suit, explains marketing expert Tom Doctoroff in AdAge.

Third Plenum does not solve financial instability – Sara Hsu

The reforms announced after the Third Plenum might not offer a enough to guarantee financial stability in China, writes financial specialist Sara Hsu in Triple Crisis. China’s financial authorities should focus on shadow banking, in stead of monetary tightening that could slow down economic growth.