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5 Points globalizing Chinese companies miss – Joel Backaler

Going global is not easy for Chinese companies, and most of them are not prepared to enter markets outside China, tells author Joel Backaler of China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global at Knowledge CKGCB. Most are losing out on five points.

Pros and cons of Chinese companies going west – Joel Backaler

Author Joel Backaler of China Goes West discusses at ´Thoughtful China´ the pros and cons of Chinese firms going west. Not surprisingly, Chinese companies make many of the mistakes foreign firms made when they entered China.

Why China´s millionaires turn to football – Wei Gu

Alibaba´s Jack Ma was only the latest of a string of Chinese millionaires investing into football in their country. Football is a game changer, only in the early phase of commercializatin, say WSJ´s wealth editor Wei Gu and Roy Lu of Starline Inc., a Sino-U.S. sports entertainment agency.

China´s competition goes abroad – Joel Backaler

Domestic competition has become one of the major challenges for foreign companies in China, tells author Joel Backaler at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center in Beijing. And those challenges now prepare to go global. A few summaries from his speech.

Big four cannot settle China issue – Paul Gillis

The US financial regulator Securities and Exchange Commission tries to reach a deal with the big four accounting firms, writes Compliance Week. But there is very little the big four can do, argues accounting professor Paul Gillis, since this is an issue between governments.

Turning point in the real estate market – Wei Gu

WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu discusses the turning point in China´s real estate market with JP Morgan economist Zhu Haibin. While weak demand and oversupply leads to an adjustment, no price collapse is expected like in the US real estate crisis.

How should corporate America respond to China´s arrival? – Joel Backaler

Author Joel Backaler of the recently published China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global tells in the Business Monitor how corporate America can react on Chinese companies coming to them.

China meets growing skepticism in Africa – Howard French

A decade of Chinese investments in Africa is triggering off a larger degree of skepticism, writes author Howard French in the New York Times. Earlier this month he published his latest book China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa.

Who is auditing Alibaba? – Paul Gillis

PWC is auditing Alibaba, but – writes accounting professor Paul Gillis at his weblog – it is very unclear whether the Hong Kong or the mainland offfice of PWC is doing the legwork. Officially it is the Hong Kong office, but Gillis has its doubts, and that might matter to the investors.

Rejoice: China investments are bigger than those from the US – Joel Backaler

For the first time, Chinese investments in the US were larger than US investments in China, announced the US Chamber of Commerce in April. About time, writes China consulent Joel Backaler in TealeafNation. “Americans worry that China is buying up the world. But there’s another, better way for U.S. authorities, businesses, and citizens to approach the influx: Embrace it.”