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Five lessons on building a start-up in Asia – Benjamin Joffe

At the JFDI–Innov8 2012 Bootcamp JDFI mentor Benjamin Joffe shared five lessons for start-ups in Asia, their website explains. First lesson, get rid of the concept Asia, it does not exist.

Real internet crackdown might backfire – Tom Doctoroff

Silencing the unruly voices at the internet might be high on the government’s agenda, but an effective crackdown would only backfire, tells Tom Doctoroff in the

New rules won’t kill weibo – Jeremy Goldkorn

China’s authorities try to curtail the internet and especially try to implement a ‘real-name’ policy for online debate. But internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn does not see the end of the internet in China as we know it, he tells in the Voice of America.

Looking for the hearts and souls of China’s internet users – Sam Flemming

The purchase of CIC by WPP has put China’s leading analytic firm of its vibrant social-media scene in the limelight. Founder and chairman Sam Flemming explains in AdAge the importance of his work. PepsiCo, Nike, Dell and L’Oreal belong to their customers.

Sam Flemming’s CIC bought by WPP

CIC, the leading company in following the word-of-mouth at the internet in China, has been bought by Kantar Media, a WPP group, CIC owner Sam Flemming announces at his website.

IPO ‘People’s Daily’ no surprise – Jeremy Goldkorn

The announcement the People’s Daily, the daily newspaper of the Communist Party, is going – at least partially – public did not come as a surprise to media watcher Jeremy Goldkorn from Beijing, he tells AFP.

Telecommunication changes for 2012 – Tricia Wang

Sociologist Tricia Wang maps out for the competitive playing field between China’s largest telecom providers, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. What can their customers expect for 2012?

Lack of institutional trust hampers computer industry – Tricia Wang

People and institutions in China’s computer industry do not trust each other, stalling innovation, argues sociologist Tricia Wang on her weblog. Without trust there will be no collaboration, and no innovation.

Time for people-to-people relationships – Kaiser Kuo

Setting the stage for the holiday season, Chinese American Kaiser Kuo, currently director international relations for search engine Baidu, calls for real people-to-people relationship on a rally to support Americans studying in China and improve mutual relations, according to the China Daily.

The mismatch between mobile platforms and ad agencies – William Bao Bean

Mobile might be the next big thing in China, both mobile platforms and ad agencies have still a hard time to find each other, tells William Bao Bean, Managing Director Singtel Innov8, in AdAge.