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Jeffrey Towson joins China Speakers Bureau

Jeffrey Towson, a business professor at Peking University business professor and best-selling author and expert on how Chinese consumers and competitors are disrupting global markets has joined the China Speakers Bureau.

Advertising is dead, Google, Facebook and Whatsapp in trouble – William Bao Bean

The walled gardens of Whatsapp, Facebook and Google have lost great opportunities, and now they have to face Chinese competition as Tencent and others prepare expand into the next four billion users, outside China, told Shanghai-based innovation expert William Bao Bean last week at the Next16 conference in Hamburg.

The end of the cable – William Bao Bean

Light can transport data in higher volumes and speed than the current cable systems, shows an experimental setup at Shanghai´s Fudan University in the documentary “Smart China” at Discovery Channel. It documents how the massive data exchange at food chains in China can guarantee food safety. Our technology speaker William Bao Bean comments at the documentary.

Facebook faces more than censors in China – Sam Flemming

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has gone to great lenght to appease China´s leadership in an effort to enter the largest internet market again. But, says Sam Flemming, an internet veteran based in Shanghai to Reuters. Local competition might even be a tougher challenge, unlike in the US where Facebook broke new ground.

The complicated relation between tech firms and the government – Kaiser Kuo

It´s complicated, says former Baidu communication director Kaiser Kuo about the relationship between China´s booming tech companies and the government. The outside world sees even private companies often as extentions of the government. Wrong, explains Kaiser Kuo in interview with the Young China Watchers.

How subsidy wars killed brand loyalty – William Bao Bean

When the ride-hailing wars between Uber and Didi has confirmed one feeling among Chinese consumers, it is that loyalty to brands does not pay off, says Shanghai-based VC William Bao Bean to Bloomberg. Brand loyalty was already low, but the latest Uber-Didi wars have made things worse.

The dynamic state of the social media in 2016 – Sam Flemming

China´s social media have been developing fast and Sam Flemming, CEO of Kantar Media CIC, gives an update on the five most important developments for AdAge. China´s social media landscape is different from the West: It’s unique, fragmented and dynamic.

Censorship does not stop China´s tech sector – Kaiser Kuo

Americans believe that China´s censorship at the internet is stifling creativity in the tech industry. Wrong, says tech commentator Kaiser Kuo who recently left internet giant Baidu as communication director to return on the US in the Washington Post.

China startups: tougher to get capital – Andy Mok

Getting funding has just gotten a bit harder for China´s booming startup scene, says VC Andy Mok in Bloomberg. “There’s a greater emphasis on revenue and profitability among startups that they are focusing much more on top line and cost control.”

Facebook´s China competitors make real money – William Bao Bean

Most of the American internet companies like Facebook still make money through advertising, while their Chinese competitors like WeChat and Weibo make money through selling all you can think of, tells Shanghai-based VC William Bao Bean to AP. They are way ahead of Facebook.