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Moving to a high added-value economy – Shaun Rein

China is moving away from cheap t-shirts to a higher value-added production of goods like medical equipment and automotive parts, tells Shaun Rein, the author of the book “The End of Cheap China” in Asia Today of WSJ.

China: innovative, but not in the right way – Arthur Kroeber

There is no lack of creativity in china, says economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in the Wall Street Journal. But that overwhelming creativity does not translate very well into business. And the internet censorship does not help.

The mistakes by US defense analysts – Wendell Minnick

After so many remarkable introductions of new Chinese weaponry, including two new stealth fighters and an aircraft carrier, defense analyst Wendell Minnick from Taiwan wonders in Defense News why so few of his US colleagues do get get China right.

A festival of broken start-up dreams – Marc van der Chijs

Shanghai-based VC Marc van der Chijs has a brilliant idea. Why not use the many failed business ideas and technology of start-ups and create an online market of broken dreams? He has not the time to execute, he writes on his weblog, so he hopes somebody steals his idea.

China’s military industrial revolution – Wendell Minnick

Are you still planning to buy overpriced military JSF fighters and other equipment in the US? Perhaps you should have a look first in China, writes Military analyst Wendell Minnick, who attended the Zhuhai ninth biennial Airshow China, in Defense News.

China keeps Western geniuses away – Paul Denlinger

The US have a special visa to lure foreign talents, the H-1B visa, but China is doing exactly the opposite, giving foreigners a hard time to come to China, writes China analyst Paul Denlinger on his weblog the China Vortex.

With the Chinese, their startups also move abroad – Paul Denlinger

Conventional wisdom says China-focused online operations need to be solid China-based, with compulsory governmental and political controls. China expert Paul Denlinger challenges that concept and as Chinese leave China and new start-ups will based elsewhere, he writes in the China Vortex.

The high chances for biz apps in China – Ben Cavender

Business apps can companies help to increase productivity, if they are willing to introduce them. Ben Cavender, associate principal of the China Market Research Group (CMR) sees chances for users…

The power of mobile and innovation – William Bao Bean

Is China lagging in innovation or a force of change? For investor William Bao Bean the answer is positive, especially on mobile. In the Rensselaer in China he explains why mobile and innovation are a golden opportunity.

China’s lack of innovative power – Bill Dodson

This time the author of ZDnet got China veteran Bill Dodson really angry. China is not an inevitable innovative power, he argues on his weblog. “Only death is inevitable.”