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How China caused the financial crisis – Heleen Mees

Not Wall Street but China is the real cause of the financial crisis, explained economist Heleen Mees in November at TedXAmsterdam. Adding a billion workers to the global work force, changed that world. And what can we do to get out of the crisis?

The China model: replacing middle management by competition – Bill Fischer

When Japanese ways to organize business like Just-In-Time hit the world, it changed how companies work profoundly. China has not yet produced such a disruptive model, but white-good producer Haier might just be on the way, says IMD-professor Bill Fischer in Business Week, by replacing middle management by internal competition.

The close relationship between Chinese and Jews – Michael Justin Lee

The recent gift of China’s richest man Li Ka-shing to Israel’s leading engineering university, the Technion, is not really coming as a surprise, argues Michael Justin Lee in the Washington Times. “To say that China respects Israel would be a tremendous understatement.”

Foreign firms make fewer mistakes entering China – Tom Doctoroff

One of the changes advertising guru Tom Doctoroff saw in his twenty years in China is that foreign companies are making fewer mistakes, when they try to get to the Chinese consumers, he writes in the Huffington Post. They are (mostly) better in aligning with Chinese preferences.

Creativity cannot be ordered by the government – Paul French

Innovation and brand building are high on China’s official agenda. But without the necessary freedom, creativity might be an illusion, warns author Paul French in the Guardian.

Haier, taking the middle management out – Bill Fischer

Home appliances manufacturer Haier has become of of the leading forces in China’s drive for innovation, says IMD-professor Bill Fischer in the People’s Daily. “Reinventing Giants” is a recent book he co-authored focuses on Haier’s transformation process: the middle management is taken out.

Joining Sinolending board – Marc van der Chijs

The banking industry is one of the sectors where disruption by the internet will be huge, writes angel investor Marc van der Chijs in his weblog. “Most major banks are still living in the 20th century.” He joined SinoLending board, a firm focusing on making getting loans easier.

Moving up the value chain – Shaun Rein

China will remain a manufacturing base, but will have to move up the value chain, argues author Shaun Rein of The End of Cheap China,
in AsiaPacific in answering three questions. Where will we see most innovation in China?

Haier “insanely curious” – Bill Fischer

Haier, China’s famous electronics firm who started already to go global in the 1990s, is “insanely curious”, tells IMD professor Bill Fischer in the Business Spectator. Fischer is the co-author of a new book on innovative strategies Reinventing Giants: How Chinese Global Competitor Haier Has Changed the Way Big Companies Transform.

WeChat: changing the voice of the consumer – Sam Flemming

Hitting 300 million users in four months time, WeChat is a new kid at the block that is changing the voice, text and email of the consumers, argues CIC’s chairman Sam Flemming in ThoughtFull China.