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Crisis has little effect on startups – William Bao Bean

The recent downturn in the financial markets is not going to have too much impact on the booming scene of startups in China, says ChinaAccelerator managing director William Bao Bean in the Business Standard. Although the second half of 2015 would have been anyway tougher.

Trend: China going global – William Bao Bean

The trend for the coming five years is China going global, says William Bao Bean, managing director of Chinaccelerator, the first and longest running startup accelerator program in China in E27. “These innovations are best targeted at other mobile-first markets in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America, and not US and Western Europe,”

How Baidu became a leader in Big Data – Kaiser Kuo

As China´s largest search engine, it was obvious that Baidu has access to an enormous amount of big data. Communication director Kaiser Kuo explains how Baidu has been building on that main asset for Knowledge CKGSB.

Need mobile-first startups? Go to China – William Bao Bean

With 700 million mobile internet users China is a fertile ground for mobile-first startups, says William Bao Bean, managing director of the ChinaAccelerator in the Korean Herald. And “In China, there is always a way,” Bean said.

Funding, moving from Silicon Valley to China – William Bao Bean

Innovation, and its related funding, did get a solid footprint in China over the past few years, making even startups in Silicon Valley jealous. And we can expect more, tells William Bao Bean, managing director of China´s largest incubator ChinaAccelerator, in the New York Times.

Why O2O is working in China – William Bao Bean

Unlike most group buying ventures, O2O (Online to Offline) is working in China, says managing director William Bao Bean of the ChinaAccelerator in TechinAsia. “Group buying just did not make sense economically for most companies.”

Why China is the tech place to be – William Bao Bean

Since tech innovator William Bao Bean has joined early 2015 the ChinaAccelerator, a global venture accelerator in Shanghai, a stream of exciting events has developed. In Technode he explains why China is now the place to be for technological innovation.

William Bao Bean: high demand in new role

Since William Bao Bean took on a new role as managing director of ChinaAccelerator early 2015, he also stepped into the limelight in a rather public role, compared to his earlier VC-activities. And people have noticed that change, as the demand for William as a speaker has spiked over the past few months.

China´s creativity revolution – Shaun Rein

Innovation and creativity have been changing China profoundly, says business analyst Shaun Rein, author of The End of Copycat China: The Rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in Asia. And those changes are about to change the rest of the world too, he tells the Globe and Mail.

Baidu rebuilds Nepal virtually – Kaiser Kuo

Baidu, China´s largest search engine, has launched an initiative to rebuild Nepal virtually, in 360 degrees using the many existing pictures of destroyed sites. Communication director Kaiser Kuo explains on his Facebook page how it works, and how tourists´pictures will be used.