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In ecommerce, Facebook is a clone of WeChat – William Bao Bean

Is China lagging in innovations? Certainly not when it comes to ecommerce, says William Bao Bean, managing director of Chinaccelerator, in TechinAsia. “If you can get ahold of Facebook’s product roadmap, it’s a giant WeChat clone,” he says.

Will China reverse engineer its Russian fighters? – Wendell Minnick

China closed a US$2 billion deal with Russia to purchase 24 Su-35 fighters. Question, looking at the rather small amount, according to defense analyst Wendell Minnick in Defense News: will China reverse engineer the planes, like it did before.

Despite record numbers, Alibaba´s profit on Single´s Day might be illusive – Ben Cavender

Alibaba, and its competitor made a record sales (or gross merchandise volume, GMV, as it is called) during Single´s Day. But retail specialist Ben Cavender also looks at the little print in the contract, and wonders in CNN Money if the record sales contribute to the profits.

How China´s tech companies became innovative – Amy Sommers

In the old days, Chinese companies were known from their copy-cat behavior. But the climate has been changing, notes Shanghai-based lawyer Amy Sommers in GeekWire, and especially the tech companies have become real innovators.

China supporting next-gen start-ups – William Bao Bean

Far away are the days high-tech zones would offer an office and tax breaks to startups. China´s government has become much smarter in nurturing the next generation Jack Ma´s, says William Bao Bean, managing director of Chinaccelerator and an investment partner at SOS Ventures in InTheBlack.

The end of brick-and-mortar in China – Shaun Rein

The world outside China hardly realizes how fast e-commerce is changing the country. “Brick-and-mortar is basically dead, unless you have something special to offer,” says Shanghai-based business analyst Shaun Rein , author of The End of Copycat China in the South China Morning Post. The rest of the world will follow.

Traditional medicine is not so happy with the Nobel prize – Ian Johnson

China´s traditional medicine suddenly got into the limelight as Tu Youyou was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. But the experts in traditional medicine had very mixed feelings, writes journalist Ian Johnson for the New York Times. Tu might have her roots in traditional medicine, but the Nobel Prize certainly did not honor that work.

Can China really innovate? – Tom Doctoroff

Innovation is high on China´s agenda, but China-veteran Tom Doctoroff wonders loudly if the country can really innovate, looking at the structural inhibitions of its culture.

Preparing tech startups for success in China – William Bao Bean

Google, Ebay and Amazon are just some of the tech giants who failed in China. With a good preparation that would not have happened, claims William Bao Bean, managing director of the ChinaAccelarator. His organization prepares startups for launches in China, and Chinese firms for going global.

Cheating on funding, China´s startup warfare – William Bao Bean

Eyebrows were raised when China’s food delivery service last week announced it raised funds worth US$630 million, while in reality it was less than US$400 million. Startup expert William Bao Bean was not amazed. China´s startups are very competitive, and cheating on figures is part of that, he told VentureBeat.