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The war for talent – Ben Cavender

The fight for talent is heating up in China, as the pool of labor resources dries up. And Chinese companies are winning from the multinationals. A staff turnover of 20% was already considered to be normal, explains Ben Cavender in Forbes India.

Baidu: 2011 best employer for students – Kaiser Kuo

Internet search engine Baidu is now the most-wanted employer for graduates from Beijing’s top universities, writes their director communication Kaiser Kuo on their weblog Baidu Beat. Job search engine Zhaopin listed the internet company as the 2011 Best Employer.

The repositioning of China’s labor market – Zhang Juwei

Cheap factory labor is phasing out in China, but the country has new assets to offer in terms of labor, says Zhang Juwei, deputy director at the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS) in the China Daily. Now, high-qualify labor for a lower price might offer just that opportunity.

China innovation fueled by US education – Shaun Rein

China’s universities might be churning out millions of engineers, real innovative enterprises are led by US-educated returnees, writes business analyst Shaun Rein in CNBC. He disagrees with Washington Post columnist Vivek Wadhwa who fears China’s education.

Migrants’ dreams and technology – Tricia Wang

Sociologist Tricia Wang investigates the dreams and ambitions of migrants in China, and their usage of mobile phones and the internet. Agenda Beijing interviewed her on her findings and how her search fits into her own life. A snippet:

Millionaires pick UK for their education – Rupert Hoogewerf

Paris might be the hot spot for luxury shopping by China’s rich, when they have to pick an education they go for England’s top universities, especially Eton and Harrow, says Hurun China’s rich list founder Rupert Hoogewerf in The Telegraph.

Wage inequality root of unrest – Wang Jianmao

Increased social unrest is triggered off by the huge wage inequality in the country, tells CEIBS professor Wang Jianmao in the Australian news paper The National.

The reversed gender gap at universities – Bill Dodson

Most are familiar with the gender gap in China, where men outnumber women in national statistics. But Bill Dodson noted recently during lectures at a business school in Ningbo, his class had a reversed gender gap: 70 percent female students.

The fading line between graduates and migrant workers – Zhang Juwei

Zhang Juwei More graduates take up jobs that do not require education, while more migrant workers have a college education, tells professor Zhang Juwei of the Academy of Social Sciences…

Graduate unemployment a temporary problem – Zhang Juwei

Zhang Juwei by Fantake via Flickr China export industry might be suffering from labor shortage, but its large number of university graduates find it hard to get a job. A…