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Jasmine might still shock China – Howard French

Howard French by Fantake via Flickr Most commentators have dismissed the so-called Jasmine revolution as an instant failure. Howard French argues in The Atlantic there is more to it than…

Consumption: slow but real change – Arthur Kroeber

Arthur Kroeber by Fantake via Flickr For years China has been talking about refocusing its economy on domestic consumption, tells Arthur Kroeber in the New York Times. Now, real change…

What America can learn from China – Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr America should not give in on its core values like its democracy, writes Shaun Rein in Forbes, but it can most certainly learn a…

How Ivory Coast dropped in wealth, compared to China – Howard French

Howard French by Fantake via Flickr When Howard French arrived in the 1980s arrived as a foreign correspondent in Ivory Coast it was doing much better than China, he reports…

All is not yet well for China’s economy – Wang Jianmao

Wang Jianmao Fantake via Flickr Economic growth seems to be on track and China has passed Japan as the second largest economy in the world, still stiff measures from the government…

China’s dilemma’s in dealing with foreign firms – Shaun Rein

Image via Wikipedia China’s central government is walking on a thin line when it defends itself against recent foreign accusations of protectionism against those foreign firms, tells Shaun Rein in…

Feather, Frank

Frank Feather has been a Special Advisor to the Chinese Government on economic modernization and market reform for 27 years. He works with China’s top think tanks under the State Council, and many of his ideas and strategies have contributed to China’s spectacular economic progress. He travels from Toronto, Canada.

Mees, Heleen

Heleen Mees is columnist and contributing editor to Foreign Policy. She was Assistant Professor in Economics at Tilburg University and taught at NYU Wagner in 2012. She will promoted in August 2012 on the role of China in the financial crisis. She travels from New York

Cavolo, Mario

Mario Cavolo is Vice President of Scott PR China, and explored for his book “China – the big lie” the trillions US dollars hiding among the country’s upcoming middle class, and its effect on China’s economy.

Zhang Jun

Zhang Jun is the Chang-Jiang Professor of Economics at Fudan University and Director of the China Center for Economic Studies. Prof. Zhang is a respected scholar and commentator on China’s economic reform who speaks regularly on Chinese TV stations and publishes dozens of articles in papers annually. He travels from Shanghai.