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China’s melting bank deposits – Victor Shih

China’s consumers and companies are massively withdrawing their deposits from the banks, political analyst Victor Shih reports in the Financial Times. An explanation for this banking meltdown is still lacking.

Two different ways to look at a currency – Arthur Kroeber

The US and China are at loggerheads again over the way China deals with its currency. It does not help both China and the US have two fundamental different ways to look at their currency, says economic analyst Arthur Kroeber, quoted by the Japan Times.

China’s right to undervalue its exchange rate – Arthur Kroeber

China is manipulating its currency to boost its export, US criticasters say. China sees an undervalued exchange rate as the right of a developing country, just like other did in the past, argues economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in the Voice of America.

Why China should not bail out Europe – Shaun Rein

Europe is more than ever looking at China as a way out of its financial misery. But business analyst Shaun Rein argues in CNBC that buying Italian bonds is not in the interest of China, or the world.

Why the US needs China to manipulate its currency – Janet Carmosky

Because China has a trade deficit, it has to buy treasury bonds, Janet Carmosky explains in the next sequel of “China What?”. Some American politicians want China to stop buying those bonds, but it is not in the interest of the US citizens when China stops doing that, says Carmosky.

No market forces for the Renminbi – Arthur Kroeber

While the US administration is falling short of calling China a “currency manipulator”, US fear for the Chinese currency still prevail. In Foreign Policy economic analyst Arthur Kroeber argues why its financial authorities do not trust the markets to set its rates.

Pay back time for the Beijing Olympics – Victor Shih

Bonds from 15 local government agencies worth US$ 2.5 billions to finance the Beijing Olympics are due, and financial and political analyst Victor Shih tells Bloomberg that is reason enough to keep a close eye on how China is going to pay back its debts.

Why Tudou is on the wrong track – Shaun Rein

China’s second largest video sharing firm Tudou launched last week successfully at Nasdaq, and business analyst Shaun Rein discovered they want “buy things”. Wrong, he argues in CNBC: Tudou should focus on its sustainability and become profitable.

Corruption stifles genuine entrepreneurship – Victor Shih

Political scientist Victor Shih looks in The Financial Times into the trial of government officials after the Shanghai fire, costing 58 lives last November. “A disturbing pattern of corruption, which is endangering the lives of millions around China.”

Sharing the stage at Tudou’s IPO – Marc van der Chijs

Tudou co-founder Marc van der Chijs took the stage with key team members, like CEO Gary Wang, as the video sharing company hit Nasdaq yesterday with their IPO. An amazing achievement in a troublesome time for stock markets.