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Art and travel, the new status symbols – Shaun Rein

Spending patterns of the super-rich have change a lot, tells business analyst Shaun Rein at CNN, Now they focus on both art and exclusive travel. Sales of luxury goods are dropping, and many blame Xi Jinping´s anti-corruption drive, but the rich just make different choices, says Rein.

China´s ultra-rich prefer experience over goods – Shaun Rein

Fast moving changes among China´s ultrarich, business analyst Shaun Rein noted when he recently joined a millionaire on a trip to South Africa. Travel is hot for the rich, sharing their experiences over WeChat. Bling is out, feeling good is in, he tells at CNN.

Apple watch: a winner among luxury buyers – Rupert Hoogewerf

Apple´s watch got a lackluster welcome worldwide, but luxury industry watchers in China expect the new device will make a blast in the China market. China Rich List founder Rupert Hoogewerf explains in the International Business Times why the watch is so attractive.

Affordable fashion gives boost to fast brands – Ben Cavender

High-end brands are no longer the only winners in China´s luxury industry, as affordable fashion gets the favor of consumers, and high-costs items are mostly purchased outside China, explains business analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

One size does not fit all in China anymore – Ben Cavender

China´s consumers are becoming more sophisticated and – unlike the past – they do no want to be seen in the same outfit as their colleagues. It is about customizing, not about showing off, tells business analyst Ben Cavender in CNBC.

The identity of diaosi or ´losers´in China – Wei Gu

A fast growing group of Chinese define themselves as diaosi or ´losers´, going against the ideal status of achievement, status and wealth. WSJ´s Wei Gu discusses this popular feature or urbanites, who are often no losers at all, with James Roy or the China Market Research.

Taiwanese brand Shiatzy Chen takes on Tokyo – Paul French

Taking on the Japanese market is not easy for anybody, and certainly not for Chinese. But Shiatzy Chen, a luxury fashion brand from Taiwan with a 35-year history, seems to be making all the right moves, says retail analyst Paul French in the Women’s Wear Daily.

How can US denim brands attract Chinese consumers – Tom Doctoroff

Convincing Chinese consumers is no easy task for foreign brands. Marketing expert Tom Doctoroff gives in Women’s Wear Daily some tips for American denim brands. “Definitely no dragons.”

What is cool in China (not Apple) – Shaun Rein

Shanghai-based Retail analyst Shaun Rein takes Reuters on a cool brand tour in his city, as Apple keeps on losing its position. A few of the winners in this entertaining video: Starbucks and Adidas.

Why selling a cheap iPhone is a bad idea – Tom Doctoroff

Rumors say that Apple has been able to struck a deal with China’s largest telecom provider China Mobile to sell iPhone, cheaper than elsewhere in the world. Marketing guru Tom Doctoroff explains in NPR why selling the iPhone cheap in China is a bad idea.