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Japan adds spy bases to watch China – Wendell Minnick

Japan is building signals intelli­gence (SIGINT) stations along the Ryukyu Island chain to monitor Chinese naval and maritime activities, writes defense expert Wendell Minnick on his weblog.

Hacking emails hard to link to China’s government – Jeremy Goldkorn

Is China preparing on a government level a sophisticated arms’ race, reporters in the US wonder after Gmail accounts got hacked, allegedly from a province in China. Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei explains that linking any hacking activities to China and certainly its government is hard.

Government no talking partner in hacking issue – Jeremy Goldkorn

Why would you want to talk to the Chinese government on Google’s hacking issues, when there is no proven link – to put it mildly – between the government and the hacking, wonders internet analyst Jeremy Goldkorn in VOA.

Taiwan spy case focuses on disrupting communications – Wendell Minnick

Wendell Minnick The high-profile Taiwanese spy general Lo keeps on rocking the military establishment. In the Wall Street Journal Wendell Minnick gives his take on the largest spy case in…

Taiwan still looking into espionage damage – Wendell Minnick

Ministry of Defense, Taipei via Wikipedia Taiwan is still trying to assess the amount of damage caused by one of the largest espionage case, after the late-January arrest of General Lo…