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The steps forward in the US-China climate deal – Sara Hsu

The climate deal between China and the US came under heavy criticism even before the ink of the signatures was dry. Despite those misgivings, China expert Sara Hsu sees some steps forward, she writes in The Diplomat.

Shanghainese rush for the exit as pollution increases – Wei Gu

Leaving China was already high on the agenda of expats, but now also Chinese are considering leaving as Shanghai suffered from the worst pollution ever in the past week. WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu talks to sustainability specialist Richard Brubaker, who expects pollution is going to be worse in the next 5-15 years.

China’s dream with a stripe of green – Janet Carmosky

China’s president Xi Jinping is following the Chinese dream, just like his predecessor Hu Jintao sought a harmonious society. China-veteran Janet Carmosky discovers a shade of green in this Chinese dream, she writes in Forbes.

Shuanghui looks for upgrade in Smithfield deal – Ben Cavender

A tainted image because of a food scandal is one of the reasons China’s largest pork producer Shuanghui bought America’s largest meat processor Smithfield for US$4.7bn in cash. Shuanghui is trying to upgrade both management and technology, tells business analyst Ben Cavender in the Wall Street Journal.

Food security: closing the loopholes – Mark Schaub

Thousands of dead pigs and ducks illustrated over the past weeks again China is having a huge food security problem. Lawyer Mark Schaub of the Chinese-Australian law firm King&Wood and Mallesons gives in China Law Insight an overview of how the country’s central government is trying to close the loopholes in the current messy approach of food security.

Why I left China – Marc van der Chijs

Foreigners have always been leaving China, but every now and then a high-profile departure hits the headlines. In CNN formerly Shanghai-based entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs explains why he left for Vancouver, Canada.

Investing for a ‘beautiful China’ – Wei Gu

Newly elected president Xi Jinping has coined his tenure ‘beautiful China’, like his predecessor Hu Jintao strived for a ‘harmonious society’. WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu sees her opportunities for environmental companies as Xi still looks for economic growth but without damaging the environment.

China’s low energy efficiency – Bill Dodson

China is using most energy in the world, not only because of its booming economy, but also because of its low energy efficiency, writes energy specialist Bill Dodson in the China Economic Review. The good news: China’s officials know they have a problem to fix, and look for ways to do so.

Minor effects from US tariffs on solar panels – Bill Dodson

Much ink has been spent on the effects of newly imposed US tariffs on solar panels from China, even a trade war seemed an option. But industry analyst Bill Dodson sees only minor effects, if any, he tells NPR’s marketplace. China might use the panels domestically.

Even Chinese do not want “made in China” – Bill Dodson

Chinese brands are associated with cheap, chintzy and unaccountable, even for the Chinese writes China veteran Bill Dodson, author of the upcoming book “China Fast Forward”, on his weblog. Chinese brands are looking for a clean Western image.