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Doubts rise on Single’s Day – Zhang Lijia

Internet giant Alibaba might have sold for close to 31 billion US dollar at China’s Single’s Day, but author Zhang Lijia notices also growing concern on the massive shopping festival, she tells Upm Pulp. Consumerism and environmental concerns emerge with the growing turnover.

The link between climate and Daoism – Ian Johnson

China is assuming global leadership on climate, now the US is backing out. But how is that related to the grassroot feelings of its citizens? ChinaDialogue asks author Ian Johnson of The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao on the links between the environment and the emerging Daoism.

The opportunities of sponge cities – Sam Crispin

Floodings and storm are pretty common in China, but since 2015 the concept of so-called sponge cities are developed to mitigate the potential damage. Real estate expert Sam Crispin, director Urbanization of PwC China explores in his article at LinkedIn the opportunities for foreign partnership in developing this concept.

Religion: personal salvation or saving the world? – Ian Johnson

Journalist Ian Johnson, author of the upcoming The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao interviews Prasenjit Duara, a leading thinker on religion in Asia and (in this section) personal salvation and efforts to save the world, for the New York Times.

Can China halt climate change? – Sara Hsu

China has recently announced ambitious environmental plans to stave off climate change. But are those plans enough, and can China really deliver? Economic analyst Sara Hsu welcomes the plans at Triple Crisis, but wonders if it is going to work.

China creates ´green´jobs, but is still far from green itself – Sara Hsu

China is ahead of Europe and the US in creating ´green´ jobs, but environmental enforcement is still lagging, writes economic analyst Sara Hsu in Triple Crisis. Critical failures make big…

Why banning a documentary does not help – Zhang Lijia

The environmental documentary “Under the Dome” by Chai Jing has become more influential, even after Chna´s censors banned it from the internet. Not only because between 100 and 200 million already watched the documentary, says author Zhang Lijia to Bloomberg. The government can no longer brainwash the people.

Smog debate shows government takes pollution serious – Ian Johnson

Finally the government takes pollution serious, long after its citizens noted the dangers, concludes journalist Ian Johnson in ChinaFile, after a smog documentary was taken off the internet. But censors acted after 100 million Chinese watched the much-praised movie, that sparked off an unprecedented debate.

China shapes up its war on pollution – Sara Hsu

China has declared war on pollution, but what is equally important, it is also setting apart funding to fight the war, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. China has enough environmental measures in its books, she writes, but is it going to enforce them?

Social responsibility: an issue for Chinese consumers – Paul French

Price and quality might be leading criteria for Chinese consumers, but surprisingly social responsibility of producers is also an issue. Author Paul French points in at two recent surveys, featuring increasing social conscience in Asia and China.