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Minor effects from US tariffs on solar panels – Bill Dodson

Much ink has been spent on the effects of newly imposed US tariffs on solar panels from China, even a trade war seemed an option. But industry analyst Bill Dodson sees only minor effects, if any, he tells NPR’s marketplace. China might use the panels domestically.

New controls on wind and solar power – Bill Dodson

Premier Wen Jiabao spelled out China’s new energy initiatives during the meeting of the National Power Congress. Energy specialist Bill Dodson summarizes on his weblog strict control of wind and solar power, and the resumption of approvals of nuclear power projects.

Shanghai’s focus on clean energy – Bill Dodson

Shanghai municipality has published plans to reduce non-fossil energy sources dramatically over the next five years, writes energy specialist Bill Dodson on his weblog. Reducing the usage of coal is high on Shanghai’s energy Plan.

An energy shortage is more than a shortage – Bill Dodson

Author and energy expert Bill Dodson explains for NPR why China’s energy shortage mean much more than just a shortage. Why is the government selling power so cheap?

China’s home-grown green laws – Charles McElwee

China’s environmental laws use elements from green laws in Europe, the US and Japan, but the result is uniquely Chinese, writes environmental lawyer Charles McElwee in ChinaDialogue.

The knock-on effects for wind and solar energy – Bill Dodson

A shortage of water is curtailing hydro power, the coal industry and China’s nuclear ambitions, offering wind and solar energy great opportunities, told energy expert Bill Dodson yesterday at the Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club. In theory.

China’s green energy gains from Fukushima – Bill Dodson

The chain of disasters at the nuclear plan in Fukushima have caused a shock in China’s energy policies, but solar and wind power industries in particular are beneficiaries of Japan’s nuclear tragedy, writes energy expert Bill Dodson.
“The Chinese alternative energy business has found ways to turn danger into opportunity.”

2020 emission targets “lowball bid” – Charlie McElwee

Environmental lawyer Charlie McElwee tries to makes sense out of China’s emission targets for 2020 ahead of the Copenhagen summit, and is not happy, he writes in his weblog. A…

McElwee, Charles

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