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A squeezed middle class needs more love – Wei Gu/Shaun Rein

Between a growing number of billionaires and 700 million peasants China’s middle class has severe problems in taking off. In the Wall Street Journal its wealth editor Wei Gu asks for more love for the middle class. Business analyst Shaun Rein warns against an unhappy middle class.

Millionaires: getting their kid ready for boarding school – Rupert Hoogewerf

China’s millionaires are getting ready to send their kid to boarding school abroad, Hurun Rich list founder Rupert Hoogewerf told an audience of Swiss business people and government official at the pre-launch of his school guide “The Best of Swiss Education” at the Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland on Tuesday 29 January.

Undergrad degree not enough for Chinese parents – Paul French

Ambitions are high among the rising Chinese middle class and most of the parents put a lot of pressure on their only child to perform at school. Just getting an undergrad degree is for most not done, tells China veteran Paul French in the Wall Street Journal.

What is keeping China from global IT dominance – Maria Korolov

China hosts some of the largest competitors of Google, YouTube and other IT-giants. Still, becoming a global IT force is far away, writes journalist and internet entrepreneur Maria Korolov in Internet Evolution.

China’s brain drain to the US – Bill Dodson

Not only hot money is leaving China, the country suffers from an ongoing brain drain to the US, writes China veteran Bill Dodson on his weblog. China is failing to foster its innovation incubators, he says. And the parents of those brightest might follow suit.

The war for talent – Ben Cavender

The fight for talent is heating up in China, as the pool of labor resources dries up. And Chinese companies are winning from the multinationals. A staff turnover of 20% was already considered to be normal, explains Ben Cavender in Forbes India.

China’s Olympic program needs dreams, no targets – Bill Dodson

The lower-than-expected achievements of China’s Olympic team in London 2012 triggers off much soul-searching. China veteran Bill Dodson believes the country needs to break away from the current Soviet-style program, he writes on his weblog. The athletes need dreams, no targets.

Who will employ six million new graduates? – Wang Jianmao

This month China will have six million university graduates more. The world looks at the figure in awe, but the graduates themselves have problem: will they find a job? Professor Wang Jianmao of CEIBS thinks they might, if economic restructuring works out, he tells in The National.

Getting US education to China – Shaun Rein

A growing number of Chinese students flee to the US for decent education, including the daughter of upcoming president Xi Jinping. But large scale US initiatives might offer the same education soon at home, expects business analyst Shaun Rein in Forbes.

The repositioning of China’s labor market – Zhang Juwei

Cheap factory labor is phasing out in China, but the country has new assets to offer in terms of labor, says Zhang Juwei, deputy director at the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS) in the China Daily. Now, high-qualify labor for a lower price might offer just that opportunity.