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Chinese donations to top US universities rise – Wei Gu

High profile donations from Chinese wealthy to US top universities have been hitting the headlines a few times. But, discovers WSJ wealth editor Wei from BE Education founder William Vanbergen, donations from China are lagging compared to other nationalities, although that might change.

Why are migrant kids still kicked out of schools – Zhang Lijia

The central government might be trying to heal some of the wrongs related to hukou´s, like migrant children not allowed to attend schools in cities. But reality is still harsh, tells author Zhang Lijia in the South China Morning Post, as her neighbor´s kid is forced to leave.

The struggle to raise mixed-race kids in China – Zhang Lijia

Raising children with a mixed racial background in China is a struggle, tells author Zhang Lijia in the South China Morning Post. Why is it so hard to make them love anything Chinese, she wonders, looking at her two daughters.

Job seekers drop government for private firms – Shaun Rein/Wei Gu

President Xi Jinping´s anti-corruption campaign has made government employment less attractive for the country´s job seekers, unlike in the past. Also multinational are losing grip on young people, tells business analyst Shaun Rein the WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu.

Why China´s innovation efforts lag – Wang Haiyan

China is not winning the innovation race from the US, argues founder and managing director Wang Haiyan of the China India Institute at the Economist conference in july. Even Chinese VC´s, scholars and government official do not believe in China´s capabilities, she says.

Why Chinese class rooms avoid sex education – Zhang Lijia

Today sex education is firmly on the curriculum of school, unlike when author Zhang Lijia grew up. Important, because with knowledge the kids become vulnerable in society. But it does not mean sex education is wholeheartedly embraced, fears Zhang Lijia in CNN.

Education, one main reason for rich to leave – Rupert Hoogewerf

Rupert Hoogewerf, founder of the Hurun rich list, was one of the first to signal China´s rich are leaving the country massively. Now he has dived further into the motives, and found that finding good education for their children is one of the most important reasons, he tells in Fortune.

Education, first step in emigration process of the rich – Rupert Hoogewerf

When China´s rich set up shop abroad, they often follow a pattern, explains Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf in the China Daily. The first step in that process is sending their children to a specific country, to explore the situation. That is why education is a key tool for the emigration process.

Most super rich send their children abroad for education – Rupert Hoogewerf

Eighty percent of China’s super rich send their children abroad for education, mostly to the US as the most popular destination and with the UK on the second place, told Rupert Hoogewerf, founder of the Hurun China Rich list on Friday, according to the ECNS.

PR training not enough for government officials – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia ran into a professor who gives PR training to local government officials in charge of guarding stability, or weiwen. Important that they learn about communication and PR, but not enough, she writes on her weblog.