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Legal reform and more needed for innovation – Paul French

The lack of an independent legal system is holding back China’s innovative power; protecting the rights of entrepreneurs and innovators is key, business analyst Paul French tells in NPR. And then there is social welfare, health care pensions and a few other things.

Roubini’s phantom facts on China – Shaun Rein

Famous economist Nouriel Roubini took a fast train from Shanghai to Hangzhou and saw it was almost empty. Shaun Rein explains him in Forbes why one train ride is not enough to predict a bubble in China that will pop in 2013.

China sends its inflation to the US – Shaun Rein

Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke is not worried about inflation in America, writes Shaun Rein in CNBC, but he should be worried when China sends its high costs to the US.

Unilever realistic on growth – Shaun Rein

The Dutch-British conglomerate Unilever set a target on increasing its revenue stream from China five times. A realistic target, tells business analyst Shaun Rein of the plan of P&G largest international competitor, according to Bloomberg.

Lack of efficiency does not hurt economic growth – Arthur Kroeber

Real estate, pollution, corruption and other features might make China’s economic development inefficient, but those inefficiencies will not hurt core economic growth at this stage, tells economic analyst Arthur Kroeber to Reuters.

How to treat women, China’s super spenders? – Shaun Rein

Women in China have become a major force among the country’s super spenders, writes Shaun Rein in CNBC. When you want to tap into China’s booming market, that is a group you have to understand.

China is hiding, not solving its financial problems – Victor Shih

China bear Victor Shih explains Medill Reports from Chicago why China’s growing debts are getting out of hand, despite efforts by the financial authorities to act on the growing concerns. It’s a wash, he claims.

One-off revaluation needed to fight inflation – Shaun Rein

The Chinese government should be revaluate its currency on one time to stop the price rises in the country, Shaun Rein explains in CNCB. In the past he argued against a too fast increase of the value of the renminbi, since that would hurt the export and the manufacturers. Now, to prevent social unrest, stiff action would be needed to stem inflation.

Power outages start to hurt production – Bill Dodson

The current shortfall in electricity in China is already starting to hurt production, writes Bill Dodson in his weblog. As the summer nears, problems will increase. An its basically a government policy cause the problem

China’s government still controls economy – Victor Shih

US businesses working in China are reluctant to criticizes Chinese government departments, like they would do in the US, and for good reason tells professor Victor Shih in The International Business Times. The chance of getting into trouble is always present.