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A decade of change in China and business – Marc van der Chijs

Serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs discusses extensively the changes he has seen in China and the way how business developed over the past decade. “Most people want growth and stability, and that is what the party gives them. I would leave if they started to talk about democracy.”

Why cutting income tax does not mean much – Arthur Kroeber

China intend to cut income tax for 60 million people, and our economic analyst Arthur Kroeber finds himself – yet again – trying to explain to Western media, why this impressive looking move actually does not mean that much.

How to put a brake on society? – Bill Dodson

China’s railway autorities might have symbolically reduced the speed of fast trains after the Wenzhou train crash, but – wonders author Bill Dodson in his weblog – why is it so hard to slow down society when things go into the wrong direction?

Pay back time for the Beijing Olympics – Victor Shih

Bonds from 15 local government agencies worth US$ 2.5 billions to finance the Beijing Olympics are due, and financial and political analyst Victor Shih tells Bloomberg that is reason enough to keep a close eye on how China is going to pay back its debts.

Shut up and shop, patriotism in China – Paul French

Being a patriot in China has become much easier, now the government focuses on increasing domestic consumption, writes retail analyst Paul French in The Telegraph. “All they have to do now is shop, shut up and then go shop some more.”

China What – the Made-in-China show – Janet Carmosky

Have American jobs been moving to China? In her ‘China What’ show Janet Carmosky shows that only a fraction of the US consumption is actually made in China. Most goes to services, and 80 percent of the rest, is made in the US. Here are the details.

China tied by inflation and debts – Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein by Fantake via FlickrChina will not be able to play a role in mitigating a new financial crisis, like it did in 2008 at the first dip, writes…

The dangers of capital flight from China – Victor Shih

Political and finance analyst professor Victor Shih discusses the changes of massive capital flight from China. The amount of 3 trillion US dollar could leave the country, he argues in this video.How much value has its officially formidable foreign exchange reserve?

China brands need good legal system to thrive – Paul French

Everybody is using Chinese products, but China’s brands are not doing well. Thriving brands need a good legal system, tells Paul French in NPR, and that legal protecting is lacking in China.

Credit crunch leads to slowdown – Victor Shih

Credits by Chinese banks are on a leash, cashing a slowdown in China’s breakneck growth speed. Financial and political analyst Victor Shih explains in Business Week how that works out.