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Expect more inflation – Shaun Rein

More inflation of wages, food and commodities can be expected, tells business analyst Shaun Rein at CNBC, illustrating the case he makes in his upcoming book The End of Cheap China: Economic and Cultural Trends that will Disrupt the World. Shaun Rein, our China bull, in a bearish mood.

Foreigners do not learn from mistakes in China – Paul French

Foreigners in China are lacking a collective memory and do not learn from their mistakes, says author Paul French in the Australian Newspaper The West, not only looking at his own 20-year experience, but going back to the beginning of last century.

Surviving the next China bubble – Arthur Kroeber

The story China’s economy is a bubble that is about to burst, exists as long as the country’s economy started to boom. Economic analyst Arthur Kroeber explains in NPR why we do not need to worry right now and why signs of bubbles are part of the game.

Inflation still a problem – Wang Jianmao

The debate between economists on how China should deal with its economy is running high. CEIBS professor Wang Jianmao warns in the US edition of the China Daily curtailing inflation should be high on the agenda, not loosening the financial strings on banks

Economy slows, but not falling off the cliff – Arthur Kroeber

China’s economy shows a slight slowdown, and some economists predict it is the beginning of the end of China’s growth story. Not true, says economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in the New York Times. Despite a dreadful European economy, China is doing ok.

The End of Cheap China is near – Shaun Rein

The upcoming presidential elections in the US, cause a rise in tension with China, business analyst Shaun Rein observes in Forbes. An advanced warning from his upcoming book The End of Cheap China.

A bumpy road ahead for real estate – Shaun Rein

Two years ago business analyst Shaun Rein set famous short seller Jim Chanos straight when he said China’s real estate was worse than a thousand times worse than Dubai. Now Chanos has scaled down his prediction to ‘a bumpy road’, and this time Shaun Rein agrees, he writes in CNBC.

Bullish on consumer demand, retail – Shaun Rein

China’s economy might be facing some short term trouble, but business analyst Shaun Rein remains optimistic about consumer demand and retail for the longer term. Only Chinese equity should be avoided, he tells on CNBC.

Sergio Marchi joins Pace Global Advantage

The Honourable Sergio Marchi joins at the end of 2011 the Pace Global Advantage advisory. He retired as senior fellow at the think tank ICTSD in Geneva.

Relaxing money lending is the wrong policy – Shaun Rein

In a surprise move China’s financial authorities decided last week to abandon their tight money lending policy and losend the reigns for its banks again. Wrong policy, says business analyst Shaun Rein in CNBC, who has been praising the government handling of inflation and overspending in the past.