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Alibaba feels the heat of Tencent – Shaun Rein

“Jack Ma looks desperate right now,” says business analyst Shaun Rein at the BBC about the founder and chairman of the Alibaba Group. Alibaba has announced its IPO, but feels the breath of its major competitor Tencent coming from behind.

Bolstering Consumer Rights in China – Mark Schaub

China’s laws have not kept pace with its rapidly evolving retail sector. A major overhaul of consumer protection legislation is set to take effect on March 15, 2014. In short the Revision basically changes everything for consumers in China. As always, only time will tell as to how it is implemented but the intent is clear – consumers will be given greater protection, writes Mark Schaub, lawyer at King&Wood and Malleson.

Booming e-commerce with few foreign players – Shaun Rein

E-commerce is booming with expected annual growth of 50%, tells business analyst Shaun Rein at BloombergTV. Costs for brick-and-mortar stores are high, labor costs are booming, so much business is going online. Without big US players like Amazon and Ebay though.

How booming e-commerce pushes Alibaba up – Shaun Rein

Retail analyst Shaun Rein expects e-commerce in China to grow 50% year-on-year, giving its leader Alibaba a gigantic headwind, now the industry has won the confidence of the consumers, he tells Bloomberg TV. And pollution forces buyers out of the shopping malls to Alibaba.

E-commerce: new tool for luxury goods – Shaun Rein

Single’s Day has become a huge commercial success, and retail analyst Shaun Rein explains why luxury sales will boom thanks to e-commerce: for many Chinese the luxury stores are just too far away, he tells in CNBC.

Singles day’s, talk of the consumer – Shaun Rein

Single’s Day in China, on 11 November, has become a major discounting e-commerce event, passing even America’s Cyber Monday in size. Retail analyst Shaun Rein explains why the Single’s Day makes Chinese youth happy at CNBC.

China’s e-commerce is booming, but not for US retailers – Shaun Rein

+Shaun Rein  (Photo credit: Fantake) E-commerce in China is growing 50 percent each year, but US retailers like Macy and Neiman Marcus are scaling back their online operation in the country….

China’s retail, moving from the big boys to the little guys – Paul French

China consumers are outspending the moderate GDP growth, but underlying changing undermine the big players in retail, as the sales increasingly go to the little guys, including e-commerce, writes retail analyst Paul French in the China Economic Review.

Media Markt did not get it – Ben Cavender

The decision to close down German retailer Media Markt in China shows – yet again – a profound lack of understanding on how the market in China works, tells business analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

Five new trends of Chinese consumers in 2013 – Helen Wang

Preferences of Chinese consumers are changing fast and differentiating. Author Helen Wang of “The Chinese Dream” summarizes the five most important trends for 2013. Certainly, China is going to be the largest e-commerce market in the world, she writes in Forbes.