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The dynamic state of the social media in 2016 – Sam Flemming

China´s social media have been developing fast and Sam Flemming, CEO of Kantar Media CIC, gives an update on the five most important developments for AdAge. China´s social media landscape is different from the West: It’s unique, fragmented and dynamic.

China´s e-commerce: better in making money – William Bao Bean

When it comes to making money, Chinese e-commerce is more creative and successful, than any of their US counterparts, says VC William Bao Bean to the Washington Post. However, Chinese start-ups need to show they can generate enough revenue to make the model work in the middle term.

China startups: tougher to get capital – Andy Mok

Getting funding has just gotten a bit harder for China´s booming startup scene, says VC Andy Mok in Bloomberg. “There’s a greater emphasis on revenue and profitability among startups that they are focusing much more on top line and cost control.”

Facebook´s China competitors make real money – William Bao Bean

Most of the American internet companies like Facebook still make money through advertising, while their Chinese competitors like WeChat and Weibo make money through selling all you can think of, tells Shanghai-based VC William Bao Bean to AP. They are way ahead of Facebook.

Tough rules for instant formula – Mark Schaub

A range of food scandals with milk powder for babies has caused a wild-west market for mainly foreign instant formula, doing good business in China. Lawyer Mark Schaub warns that regulators are catching up, and new tough registration rules have a deadline for October 1, hard to manage for import products, he writes in Lexology.

How Baidu is revolutionizing take-out delivery – Andy Mok

Baidu, one of China´s giant internet companies, is making big inroads into the take-out delivery market for white collar workers, writes startup investor Andy Mok at LinkedIn. “Baidu Takeout Delivery has an estimated market share of almost 80% in Tier 1 cities.”

China is winning in social commerce – William Bao Bean

Whether China is copying or innovating is a useless discussion, says VC William Bao Bean to the South China Morning Post. Everybody is building on previous experiences, he says, but certainly in social commerce, how to sell online, China is way ahead compared to other parts of the world.

How China´s media became a winner, against all odds – Tom Doctoroff

China´s media and entertainment industry has long been watched with pity: boring, curtailed by the Communist Party and part of moribund state-owned molochs. But China veteran Tom Doctoroff discovered this observation needs urgent correction and he tells in the Huffington Post how the industry became a winner.

Rules for cross-border e-commerce no reason for panic – Mark Schaub

The new rules on taxation of cross-border e-commerce have caused fear the government is trying to kill an increasingly lucrative industry. It was inevitable the government would start to regulate – not kill – this booming business, says Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub in Lexology. The timing was a surprise, and unfortunately, regulations are not very clear, he adds.

The bloody e-commerce battlefield – Ben Cavender

The e-commerce industry is still relatively young, and on the corporate battlefield to two, three big players, many smaller companies will succumb, predicts retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily. What does it need for companies to survive in China?