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China moves to become a leading innovator – Shaun Rein

Much or the outside world sees China still as the copy-cat country it was in the past. But those people are missing the boat, warns business analyst Shaun Rein, author of The End of Copycat China: The Rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in Asia, in the Australian Financial Review, as China becomes fast the word´s most successful innovator.

A slice of Silicon Valley in Taipei – William Bao Bean

Taipei-based startup accelerator MOX has been taking off, bringing a piece of Silicon Valley and jobs to Taiwan. Chinaccelator Managing Director William Bao Bean explains in the Taipei Times why Taiwan offers a good breeding grounds for mobile only startups.

How Australia can win from China´s air pollution – Shaun Rein

Trust and clean air are key, and Australia and New Zealand could even get more Chinese buyers to their countries if they play their cards right, says business analyst and author Shaun Rein to the Australian Financial Review. The visa process is vital.

The next four billion internet users will be mobile only – William Bao Bean

The first billion internet users entered the space using their PC´s. But the last four billion users will be mobile only, says innovation expert William Bao Bean in Tech in Asia, talking about the MOX demo days. To reach those billions, innovation startups also has to be mobile.

Are mobile payments killing traditional banks? – William Bao Bean

600 Million Chinese internet users use their mobile phone to pay, and increasingly they use not the traditional banks and credit cards, but newcomers in the industry. Innovation expert William Bao Bean discusses what will happen to the traditional banks when mobile payments advance also outside China.

How Opera fits into China´s browser war – William Bao Bean

The purchase of the Oslo-based Opera browser by a conglomerate of Chinese companies for US$1.2 billion took many by surprise. Not Shanghai-based VC William Bao Bean, who sees the purchase as a logical step in the fierce competition in China, he tells in Quartz.

The countryside: the last online market to conquer in China – James Roy

Alibaba has this Chinese New Year started to conquer the rural markets, one of the few in China where the majority is not yet online, says retail analyst James Roy in Channel News Asia. One of the key products is imported food, as many Chinese mistrust locally made food.

How Tencent is erasing its middle management – William Bao Bean

Erasing the middle management and organizing competition internally: those are two features in new revolutionary corporate structures in China. Haier and Tencent have made big inroads. Innovation expert William Bao Bean discusses Tencent and how their organization works.

8 Chinese innovations that might disrupt your industry in the year of the ape

Looking back at the demand from our clients at the China Speakers Bureau over the past few years, we see a distinct development into the future, into the year of the ape.

Big data: a small window of opportunity in China – William Bao Bean

Startups should not expect to find the Promised Land in China, told VC-veteran William Bao Bean an investment conference on China in Tel Aviv last month. 95 percent of you should not be here, he told according to the Times of Israel. With one exceptions: Chinese internet companies cannot deal with algorithms. They urgently need mathematicians.