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A more subtle management of internet censorship – Jeremy Goldkorn

While the government is still firm in control, the online debate in China has become more outspoken, and the authorities rather try to manage the information flow, rather than shut it up, tells internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in the Global Post.

An outspoken internet generation – Tricia Wang

Despite ingenious internet censorship, China’s internet users has always been able to circumvent those filters to a certain degree. Sociologist Tricia Wang see even a new group emerging, who is becoming more outspoken, under their own name, write Global Post.

Internet firms serve two masters, the government and the consumer – Kaiser Kuo

The online debate before and after the dismissal of Bo Xilai, has put Chinese internet companies firmly in the limelight. Baidu’s director international communication Kaiser Kuo explains how they deal with their customers and a often opaque internet law in the Voice of America and The World.

The shot across the bows of internet companies – Jeremy Goldkorn

After weeks of flying rumors on the internet, China’s authorities moved in to curtail stories on disposed leader Bo Xilai and even about a coup d’etat. Internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn guides us in The Guardian through the political minefield.

China’s angry bulls – Zhang Lijia

The village of Wukan was one of the latest high-profile uprisings of an increasingly better educated and world-savvy class of migrants. In The Diplomat celebrity author Zhang Lijia analyses why China’s ‘peasants’ will get their rights too.

Democracy does suit the Chinese – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia visited Taiwan for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. One conclusion: democracy is not against the character of the Chinese, as leaders on the mainland sometimes suggest, she explains on her weblog.

US ambassador Locke “misguided at best” – Shaun Rein

US ambassador to China Gary Locke has been warning about the danger of internet developments in China going into a wrong direction. China analyst and author Shaun Rein fears China’s backlash, and a possible trade war later this year in CNBC.

A decade of change in China and business – Marc van der Chijs

Serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs discusses extensively the changes he has seen in China and the way how business developed over the past decade. “Most people want growth and stability, and that is what the party gives them. I would leave if they started to talk about democracy.”

Party arrogance, worn thin – Bill Dodson

Prime-minister Wen Jiabao claimed an 11-day illness to explain why it took him so long to pay respect to the victims of the Wenzhou train crash. But always vigilant internet users noted Wen a day after the crash on official business, notes author Bill Dodson, who analyzes on his weblog the credibility crisis for the communist party.

Communism with Chinese characteristics – Helen Wang

Celebrity author Helen Wang explains in the Boston Review how China has dramatically changed, and how even the communist party is becoming a very different creator from what people outside China expect.