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The blossoming feminist movement in China – Zhang Lijia

Feminism never took root in China, but things are changing, notes author Zhang Lijia, in het weblog. Although activists have to be careful as public protests are still strictly controlled.

Chen Guangcheng, still making his mark in China – Zhang Lijia

Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist who left last year for the US, is still making his mark in his old village Linyi, Shandong province, author Zhang Lijia discovered when visiting his family during a recent trip, she reports on her weblog.

Is Xi Jinping ready for real change? – Zhang Lijia

More than ten years ago China needs real change, writes author Zhang Lijia in The Guardian. But it is far from clear whether the new leader Xi Jinping can deliver that change, even if its hurt interests of friends and family?

Comparing two big elections – Janet Carmosky

Next week both China and the US will elect a leadership for their countries. China veteran Janet Carmosky compares in Forbes both elections.

Flesh searches, the online quest for justice – Tricia Wang

Human flesh searches, online crowd-sourced searches for corrupt officials, animal abusers or otherwise as nasty perceived people have developed into an online prosecution system, to correct a failing offline justice, explains internet researcher Tricia Wang in the Atlantic.

The two masters of China’s internet companies – Kaiser Kuo

Not only the government, but also the internet users are the masters China’s internet companies have to listen to, explains Baidu’s director for international communication Kaiser Kuo in Yale Global. On how the country’s public sphere is developing.

Weibo, a force in the public debate – Jeremy Goldkorn

Weibo, China’s twitter-like microblog, is changing the public debate very fast, tells internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in The National. Even authorities have problems in taming the digital beast, he says.

What are the US fighting for in Africa? – Howard French

Former China-correspondent Howard French wonders what the US is fighting for in Africa in The Atlantic, responding to a Washington Post article. “If Washington really wants to promote African democracy, why is it partnering with the continent’s autocrats to create military spy programs?”

The history of Chen Guangcheng – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia was one of the first who helped to write stories about the blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng for Western media. Like the story in 2002 for Newsweek, reposted on her weblog. “We have to fight for our rights ourselves.”

Dancing with handcuffs, trust building in China – Tricia Wang

How come a student from China’s country side ends up throwing shoes at the architect of the elaborate internet censorship systems, and gets away with it? Sociologist Tricia Wang told at the Lift conference in Geneva how building trust relationships in China go through a major shift.