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Why mainlanders do not care about Hong Kong – Zhang Lijia

Some blamed heavy media censorship for the lack of interest at mainland China for the protests in Hong Kong. Author Zhang Lijia discovered mainlanders are genuinely not interested in Hong Kong. Her analysis at her weblog. Why the mainland and Hong Kong are drifting apart.

Why Hong Kong will not get a Western democracy – Tom Doctoroff

When democracy movements emerge, like the recent one on Hong Kong, Western observers mostly fail to understand what kind of democracy people are asking for. In Hong Kong it´s not a Western edition, writes China veteran Tom Doctoroff from Hong Kong in the Huffington Post.

Wealthy, tourists shun Hong Kong – Wei Gu

Teargas and water canons did not deter Hong Kong protesters, but the rising tension do chase away wealthy Chinese and the much-needed tourists to the island state, writes WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu in the Wall Street Journal. A quarter of luxury property in Hong Kong is bought by mainland Chinese.

The worst scenario for Hong Kong, Beijing and the world – Sara Hsu

The ongoing conflict between Hong Kong protesters and the central government in Beijing can still move into different directions, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in The Diplomat. But a violent crackdown would be worst of three scenario´s, not only for the Hong Kong protesters, but also for the global economy, she argues.

How Hong Kong lost its importance for Beijing – Arthur Kroeber

When the recent spat between Hong Kong and the central government on how the island state should elect its leaders has proven anything, it is that Hong Kong lost the importance it used to have, says economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in Gulf News.

Hong Kong´s intertwined political and economic future – Sara Hsu

Hong Kong´s political future, and how its leader is being elected, has caused major upheaval in the past month. Those political choices have a profound influence on the city´s economic future, warns financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat.

Why the big four should not oppose Hong Kong democracy – Paul Gillis

Social media exploded over the weekend as the Financial Times reported the big four accounting firms publicly opposed democracy initiatives in Hong Kong. Accounting expert Paul Gillis summarizes the mayhem on his weblog and explains why “the arrogance of the firms is stunning”.

Chen Guangcheng: NYU still a turning point – Zhang Lijia

Despite the nasty twist the blind activist Chen Guangcheng’s stay at NYU got, his flight from China to the US was still a turning point, writes author and his long-term friend Zhang Lijia from Beijing in

Why China will try to ignore the RSA-scandal – Jeremy Goldkorn

President Xi Jinping did not try to score points on the US cyber scandal around the NSA at the California summit. And the central government might try to ignored whistle-blower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong as much as possible, China watcher Jeremy Goldkorn explains in the LA Times.

Will the Aussies go to war with China for a US doctrine? – Wendell Minnick

Military analyst Wendell Minnick discusses in Defense Newsthe emerging US “AirSea Battle doctrine and the so-called Asia Pivot, many in the Asia-Pacific are asking for clarification on a subject that could involve them in an unnecessary war with China.” A review of a paper by Benjamin Schreer, a senior analyst for Defence Strategy at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.