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Women: key spenders on China’s Single’s Day: Shaun Rein

China single’s day (28 August) triggered off a range of commercial activities. Business analyst Shaun Rein looks on AFP at the industries focusing on this attractive target group. Women play a key role in consumer spending, he says.

Crack-down on pyramid schemes hits MLM-firms – Mark Schaub

Foreign multi-level marketing (MLM) firms like Herbalife, Nu Skin and Usana Health Sciences got into trouble as Chinese authorities turned in a 3-month campaign against domestic illegal pyramid schemes. Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub explains the background at the China Law Insight.

Cosmetic giants deal with pricing gap – Ben Cavender

One of the main reasons Chinese consumers buy themselves silly abroad – including Hong Kong – is the high difference in pricing of similar products in mainland China. Cosmetic giants Estee Lauder and AmorePacific have lower their prices up to 30 percent, as also the government is revamping its import fees. More will follow, tells retail analyst Ben Cavender to the South China Morning Post.

Warning for direct selling after Nu Skin penalty – Ben Cavender

A US$540,000 fine for illegal direct selling and unsubstantiated product claims for Nu Skin Enterprises came as a relief, since the company could have faced a higher penalty. But it serves as a warning for all direct selling in China, says market analyst Ben Cavender to Bloomberg.

Rabbits Rejoice – End of PRC Animal Testing Requirements Nears – Mark Schaub

China is introducing new regulations that makes it possible to phase out animal testing for cosmetics. Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub explains how NGO´s, international pressure and basic market forces have made it possible to give rabbits and mice a happier life, and consumers politically correct cosmetics.

In China, dark is ugly – Zhang Lijia

Getting a sun taint is traditionally not done in China, especially for women. The Asia Society collected stories on a dark color and celebrity author Zhang Lijia tells how a darker skin was met with scorn in her youth.

“The spirit of the East and the West” – Helen Wang

Book author Helen Wang got a feature in the Chengdu fashion magazine “Grace”, describing her as “the spirit of the East and the West”. On her weblog Helen Wang describes her latest success.

Breasts: big business in China – Bill Dodson

Plastic surgery on women is booming, together with the wealth of the Chinese consumers. On his weblog China watcher Bill Dodson reports about this wife’s visit to a clinic, with queues outside the building, together with their parents, paying for the operation.

How to treat women, China’s super spenders? – Shaun Rein

Women in China have become a major force among the country’s super spenders, writes Shaun Rein in CNBC. When you want to tap into China’s booming market, that is a group you have to understand.

Chinese men now "dressed to impress" – Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr Women have been driving the Chinese consumer market for a long time, but now Chinese men are miving in and focusing more on skin…