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Zhou´s arrest: a watershed – Victor Shih

The formal arrest and expected trial of Zhou Yongkang means a change in how China is dealing with its ruling elite, tells political scientist Victor Shih in the International Business Times. “No leader is safe from corruption investigation… We see now the rule by law.”

Ethics firmly on the China agenda – Paul French

For those who have missed it: corruption is high on China´s hitlist for the past year, just ask executives at pharmaceutical companies. Author Paul French argues in Ethical Corporation the crackdown on foreign firms could have been expected, and will last.

Yacht sales having a tough year – Wei Gu

Sales of yachts in China are under pressure, WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu notes at the Hainan Rendez-Vous, caused by China´s anti-corruption drive at the China Real Time of the WSJ. It did not help that last year sex-and-drugs stories emerged from the 2013 fair.

Sales luxury goods expected to drop further – Rupert Hoogewerf

Sales of luxury goods dropped in 2013, the third year of decline, and is expected to drop even further in 2014, according to a new Hurun report. “In terms of traditional luxury – leathers, accessories, watches – this year is going to be flat if not a little bit down,” Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf tells Reuters.

The story of 2014: Xi Jinping – Kaiser Kuo

The consolidation of president Xi Jinping´s power is going to be the news story of 2014, says Kaiser Kuo, director international relations at Baidu in PRI. Kuo has a rather positive view on 2014, despite recent rise in international tensions.

How bribes enrage China’s patients – Zhang Lijia

Violence used by patients against doctors has hit the headlines a few times. Author Zhang Lijia can understand from her own experience how the culture of bribes drives patients to desperation, she tells in KTEP.

Corruption: everybody is guilty – Zhang Lijia

One of the reasons corruption in China is hard to eradicate is because everybody is guilty. Author Zhang Lijia describes for CNN how her family ended up bribing corrupt officials in Nanjing.

Anti-corruption: life or death for the party – Zhang Lijia

For the communist party, fighting corruption is a matter of life and death, author Zhang Lijia told CNN’s anchor Kristie Lu Stout in “On China”, focusing on the crackdown on corruption by the current leadership. “They will catch a big tiger from each province. But again you guess, which tiger will get caught. The most corrupt one, or the most politically weak?”

Graft busting changes gift-giving – Shaun Rein

Mooncakes and watches are just a few of the items you cannot give officials as a gift anymore, as Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive is gathering steam, in stead of losing it. But gift-giving is not disappearing, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in the Jing Daily, it is just changing.

Anti-corruption drive hits Moutai hard – Shaun Rein

President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive has lasted longer than everybody expected, hurting high-profile drink manufacturer Moutai hard. The drink is unfortunately “synonymous with corruption and hedonism”, tells retail analyst Shaun Rein Reuters.