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Two, three decades of solid growth – Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr Shaun Rein talked at the Asia Society in New York on how China’s youth is going to be the economic fuel for two, three…

Chinese women, the new spending force

Changing families values Chinese women are becoming a new force in domestic consumption as they command half of the household budget, writes Newsweek, who tapped into the brains of Tom…

The China blame game – Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein Fantake via Flickr Shaun Rein addresses, after the country got wrongly accused last Friday of blocking all of Google’s services, the China blame game many Western media play at…

Saving no longer tops China’s agenda – Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr Saving tops no longer the agenda of China’s consumers as new generations kick in and see their disposable income grow, tells Shaun Rein Chinese…

Graff, Roy

Roy Graff is an accomplished Business Development and Marketing specialist with a focus on travel, hospitality and Chinese culture. Has led the market entry into China of a multinational travel company and launched his own China-focused niche market entry business. He travels from London, UK

Cavender, Ben

Ben Cavender is a senior analyst with The China Market Research Group (CMR) focusing on strategic planning and brand positioning. He graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Government and Asian Studies. He travels from Shanghai.

Mok, Andy

Andy Mok is a senior fellow at the Center for China and Globalization, the managing director of Red Pagoda Resources, a Beijing-based executive search firm. Travels from Beijing

Dudarenok, Ashley

Ashley is a China marketing expert with 12 years of professional experience in China. Ashley is fluent in Mandarin, Russian, German and English. She travels from Hong Kong.

Towson, Jeffrey

Private equity investor / advisor, Peking University professor, best-selling author and speaker. His writing and speaking are on how rising Chinese consumers (and companies) are disrupting global markets. (#consumerchina). According to LinkedIn, he is the most widely followed business professor in China (+1.4M followers online).”

Rein, Shaun

Shaun Rein is the Managing Director of the China Market Research Group, the world’s leading strategic market intelligence firm focused on China. He is one of the world’s recognized thought leaders on strategy consulting in China. In 2012 he published the bestseller “The End of Cheap China.” He travels from Shanghai.