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Starbucks: a symbol of wealth – Paul French

In China Starbucks is not a place where you only fetch coffee, it is a symbol you have made it, as a person, and as a city where the global chain sets up shop, tells retail analyst Paul French in Adage.

Relaxation Hukou needed to boost economy – Heleen Mees

China’s domestic visa system, the Hukou, is a drain on its economy and makes if very hard for the industry to switch from export and investment driven to a consumption economy, says economist Heleen Mees in the Globe&Mail.

Winners of the October Golden Week – Roy Graff

The October holiday saw many new records in the tourism industry, as Chinese consumers went abroad in unprecedented number. Hospitality expert Roy Graff collected the numbers of winners and losers of the US$ 7.7 bn extravaganza for ChinaContact.

What did Barbie wrong in China? – Helen Wang

When Barbie went down in 2011 in Shanghai yet another icon of US consumerism failed in China. Author Helen Wang looks back in Forbes and describes what Mattel did wrong.

Are we ready for Chinese tourists? – Roy Graff

Chinese tourists are high on the priority lists for the tourism industry in Europe and the US. But are they ready for this new creed of guests? Hospitality expert for China Roy Graff gives some advises in the International Business Times.

Food scares pushes organic food – Paul French

Higher income consumers increasingly spend money on organic food to protect themselves, tells retail analyst Paul French in the Pig Site. After seven major food scares in 2011 alone, consumers are voting with their feet.

Mercedes: heading for a struggle in China – Shaun Rein

Until last year Mercedes sold its sedans like hot buns on the China market. But the preference for high-end SUV’s and higher-profile competition makes the future less certain for the German car market, writes business analyst Shaun Rein in Business Week.

Turmoil among the rich consumers – Paul French

The important segment of rich Chinese sees a wide range of changes, splitting the group in at least three sections, tells retail analyst Paul French in Quartz. And all are planning better in how to spend their money as the fight against corruption turns serious.

Fast food chains try to take on Chinese breakfast – Paul French

Lunch and dinner might already be taken over by foreign fast-food chains in China, but the battle for the breakfast has just started, explains retail analyst Paul French in the Economist.

China consumer market is getting crowded – Paul French

Consumer product manufacturing like Nestle SA (NESN) and SABMiller Plc (SAB) are reporting a slowdown, even in growth markets like China. The pie might be growing, but competition is too, explains retail analyst Paul French in Business Week.