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Five new trends of Chinese consumers in 2013 – Helen Wang

Preferences of Chinese consumers are changing fast and differentiating. Author Helen Wang of “The Chinese Dream” summarizes the five most important trends for 2013. Certainly, China is going to be the largest e-commerce market in the world, she writes in Forbes.

Spending under pressure in uncertain times – Tom Doctoroff

While the world’s economies are stagnating, many look at the Chinese consumers as the only place where spending is still high on the agenda. But getting money out of the…

The shift from price to quality in competition – Ben Cavender

Business in China is going through a paradigm change as the traditional price competition is giving way to quality, tells business analyst Ben Cavender in CKGSB Knowledge. Chinese companies need to get away from the price-based competition that they used to gain market share.

Visa rules still hamper Chinese tourists – Roy Graff

Tourist offices worldwide compete to get more heavy-spending Chinese to their countries, but strict visa rules remain the no.1 barrier on the road for traveling Chinese, writes hospitality specialist Roy Graff in ChinaContact. But things are getting better.

China’s changing spending patterns – Ben Cavender

China’s economy might be under pressure from the downturn in the US and Europe, but changing spending patterns might save its day, business analyst Ben Cavender told the Asian Gaming and Hospitality Congress.

The China middle class: close to half a billion – Helen Wang

The American middle class might be licking its wounds and wonder what it means to have been middle class, in China their numbers keeps on growing and is, according to the latest figures by author Helen Wang, close to half a billion, she writes in Forbes.

China’s consumption is booming – Shaun Rein

Business analyst Shaun Rein appeared on the “On China” show of CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout, discussing China’s growing consumption, Barbie and how even in a downturn China’s wealthy will become wealthier.

How China’s middle class differs from the American one – Shaun Rein

Much of the speculation on China’s economic and also political future focuses on the emergence of a middle class. But whatever you call “middle class” in China, is very different from the middle class in the US, warns business analyst Shaun Rein in CNN. In China everybody wants to be rich.

The middle class pushes back – Helen Wang

What is making China’s middle class making of the ongoing leadership transition in Beijing, author Helen Wang was asked by a range of media. On her weblog she summarizes some of her answers. “They are beginning to push back.”

Will China become a consumer paradise? – Paul French

China’s government is trying to change its economy from export and investment oriented into a consumer nirvana. Unfortunately, writes retail analyst Paul French in Channel4, corruption and inflation hinder that policy greatly. What will the upcoming CCP-congress bring?