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The strain of divorce on China shares – Wei Gu

Wu Yajun of Longfor properties saw the shares of her company drop because of her divorce, but she is certainly not the first. Financial analyst Wei Gu of Reuters’ Breakingviews looks at divorce as a risk factor for listed companies, or their IPO’s, especially in China.

With the Chinese, their startups also move abroad – Paul Denlinger

Conventional wisdom says China-focused online operations need to be solid China-based, with compulsory governmental and political controls. China expert Paul Denlinger challenges that concept and as Chinese leave China and new start-ups will based elsewhere, he writes in the China Vortex.

Frank Feather joins China Speakers Bureau

Senior Canadian business advisor Frank Feather has decided to join the China Speakers Bureau.

Frank Feather is a special China advisor to the Chinese government for 27-year. working with Ministry of Science and Technology. He is still advising the Development Research Center the top State Council think tank responsible for policy research and strategic review

Are we ready for Chinese tourists? – Roy Graff

Chinese tourists are high on the priority lists for the tourism industry in Europe and the US. But are they ready for this new creed of guests? Hospitality expert for China Roy Graff gives some advises in the International Business Times.

Food scares pushes organic food – Paul French

Higher income consumers increasingly spend money on organic food to protect themselves, tells retail analyst Paul French in the Pig Site. After seven major food scares in 2011 alone, consumers are voting with their feet.

China consumer market is getting crowded – Paul French

Consumer product manufacturing like Nestle SA (NESN) and SABMiller Plc (SAB) are reporting a slowdown, even in growth markets like China. The pie might be growing, but competition is too, explains retail analyst Paul French in Business Week.

Private equity firms taking risks in China – Ben Cavender

Private equity firms are rushing into China, but it is not always a smart move, tells business analyst Ben Cavender in Pensions&Investments, although the market is maturing.

Food scares are not going away – Paul French

No day passes by and China faces yet another food scare, sometimes spilling over into countries abroad. Despite all the attention, those food scares are here to stay, says retail analyst Paul French in The Telegraph.

What does it take for an entrepreneur to succeed in China? – Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs co-founded Tudou, worked for Spil Games Asia, and now organized fashion firm United Styles. What does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur in China, asked the SXL Group our serial entrepreneur and former VC.

Suzhou “still no Silicon Valley” – William Bao Bean

China has put innovation high on its political agenda and the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) has drawn thousands of start-ups. But that makes it not yet a Silicon Valley, warns venture capitalist William Bao Bean with Singtel Innov8 in Marketplace.