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Survival tips for Wuhan – Tricia Wang

Tricia Wang comes up with some really useful tips to get around in Wuhan, and possibly other cites in China. In her weblog she claims this is valid for all rather busy, messy cities, but we cannot imagine you need these tips in Shanghai or Beijing.

Helen Wang speaks at Kepler’s bookstore, May 26

Celebrity author Helen Wang of The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You will speak on May 26 at Kepler’s bookstore, Menlo Park, California.

The yin and yang of The Chinese Dream

A very positive review of The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You (See all International Business & Investing Books)by Helen Wang in The Internet Review of Books, by Jack Shakely.

Tricia Wang joins China Speakers Bureau

The sociologist and tech writer Tricia Wang has joined the China Speakers Bureau. Tricia Wang focuses on the usage of internet and mobile communication in cities and is current doing research in Wuhan among migrant community. Tricia Wang combines strong analytical academic skills with an equally convincing on-the-ground experience in different cities in China.

Where to make money in China – Helen Wang

Celebrity author Helen Wang taps into the excitement of Western companies to enter the China market. The paper JingDaily asks her wide ranging questions on her book on China’s middle class, The Chinese Dream. Focus on health care and education, she advises foreign companies.

10 misconceptions on casual gaming – Marc van der Chijs

“Girls are no real gamers”. This and nine other misconceptions on social and casual games are addressed by Marc van der Chijs, serial internet entrepreneur and angel investor in Shanghai.

On headbangers and metal in China – Kaiser Kuo

In a short documentary rock musician Kaiser Kuo recalls the emergence of headbangers and metal in China, and the famous band Tang Dynasty. You can read his story also in our book: A Changing China.

Wage inequality root of unrest – Wang Jianmao

Increased social unrest is triggered off by the huge wage inequality in the country, tells CEIBS professor Wang Jianmao in the Australian news paper The National.

How Ivory Coast dropped in wealth, compared to China – Howard French

Howard French by Fantake via Flickr When Howard French arrived in the 1980s arrived as a foreign correspondent in Ivory Coast it was doing much better than China, he reports…

China’s rising online civil society – Howard French

Howard French by Fantake via Flickr China has changed profoundly, since its first high-profile internet case, the police killing Sun Zhigang in 2003, till today’s opinion blogger Han Han, writes…