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Are China’s authorities starting to listen to revolting workers? – Zhang Lijia

Apple, and its supplier Foxconn, are in the middle of revolts by workers, who are standing up for their rights. Former factory worker Zhang Lijia supports their actions, and hope China’s government will continue to support those workers, she writes in The Guardian.

First sex, a precious gift in China – James Farrer

James Farrer compares the attitude of premaritial sex of Japanese and Chinese youth. Both accept sex in a dating relationship, but in China sex is part of a carefully planned deal making and seen as a highly valuable gift. ChinaShmina summarized the article.

Chinese rich offer mainly European gifts at new year – Rupert Hoogewerf

Chinese new year is nearing fast, a traditional gift-giving season. Most of those luxury gifts from China’s rich are foreign, European to be precise, says a study done by Hurun, the research company founded by Rupert Hoogewerf, reports the China Daily. Only Chinese liquor moutai makes it into the top-10.

A new generation of ‘little emperors’ – Paul French

‘Precious snowflakes’ are they called, the second generation of overly spoiled Chinese children, tells Paul French in The Telegraph. And even more than their predecessors, the little emperors, they have a hard time in dealing with reality.

My life as a street vendor – Tricia Wang

Doing fieldwork among migrants offers sociologist Tricia Wang unprecedented insights in the life of the uprooted part of China’s society. On her weblog she recalls her days when she joined a migrant family to work as a street vendor, staying with the family of a friend.

A revised profile for Tricia Wang

Sociologist Tricia Wang has updated her profile for the China Speakers Bureau.

What Chinese want – Tom Doctoroff

The Communist Party is certainly not on the way out, argues Tom Doctoroff in The Huffington Post. It is one of three arguments in Doctoroff’s upcoming book What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and China’s Modern Consumer, expected in May 2012. Political change is not on the agenda.

Useful corruption – Zhang Lijia

Officially corruption is not done, also in China. But a bit of corruption can be very useful, explains author Zhang Lijia on her weblog. For example, when you have to catch the train to Nanjing on 9 a.m. and you do not have the right ticket.

Women holding up half of the sky? – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia attended a meeting on the position of women in China at the US embassy in Beijing. At her weblog, she reports about her contribution. Are they holding up half of the sky, as Chairman Mao said?

China’s moral crisis – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia discusses at CriEnglish the moral crisis of China, after the death of toddler Yueyue was overrun and ignored by bypassers triggered of a fierce debate. Is it time for a law to force citizens to rescue others, she wonders.