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A nation of 1.4bn cold hearts – Zhang Lijia

The world, including China, reacted with shock at the pictures of toddler Yueyue, overrun by cars and ignored by passersby, hit the internet. Social commentator Zhang Lijia shares the feeling, but tries also to explain in The Guardian, why it happened.

Internet users want games and porn – Tricia Wang

Sociologist Tricia Wang analyzes on her website the wonderful world of shanzai, or the mobile knockoffs that are so popular in China. More than features, she tells, Chinese internet users want games and porn on their Nokia N9 knockoff.

Dealing with Chairman Mao – Zhang Lijia

China’s younger generation sees Chairman Mao Zedong as one of the most admired people, writes author Zhang Lijia on her weblog, recalling a meeting under one of the few statues of Mao in Shenyang. The difficult relation with a former leader.

Why censoring the “Super Girl” show does not help – Zhang Lijia

China’s broadcast authorities cancelled recently a hugely popular Idols-like TV show called the ‘super girls’. Author Zhang Lijia explains on her weblog why those heavy handed censorship methods do not work anymore.

Migrants’ dreams and technology – Tricia Wang

Sociologist Tricia Wang investigates the dreams and ambitions of migrants in China, and their usage of mobile phones and the internet. Agenda Beijing interviewed her on her findings and how her search fits into her own life. A snippet:

Why the Chinese read fewer books – Zhang Lijia

Drooling foreign publishers are trying to enter the Chinese market, like recently on the International Book Fair in Beijing. But author Zhang Lijia warns on her weblog for too high expectation, as the already limited number of books per Chinese is even dropping.

Fast internet key for innovation in China – Bill Dodson

Author Bill Dodson muses in his hot pot podcast whether real innovation in China is possible when the internet has the slowest possible speed and keeps information away from the people who need it. He believes the censored internet curtails innovation.

A decade of change in China and business – Marc van der Chijs

Serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs discusses extensively the changes he has seen in China and the way how business developed over the past decade. “Most people want growth and stability, and that is what the party gives them. I would leave if they started to talk about democracy.”

Internet cafe: alternative childcare for migrant workers – Tricia Wang

The China Digital Times points at research by sociologist Tricia Wang, in an article about the problems surrounding childcare for migrant workers. By lack of alternatives, internet cafe’s have become an unlikely replacement for schools and other childcare.

How to put a brake on society? – Bill Dodson

China’s railway autorities might have symbolically reduced the speed of fast trains after the Wenzhou train crash, but – wonders author Bill Dodson in his weblog – why is it so hard to slow down society when things go into the wrong direction?