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Anti-Chinese spat hurts Hong Kong retail – Shaun Rein

The rising anti-Chinese sentiment in Hong Kong hurts the feeling of its mainland visitors, but might hurt Hong Kong where it really hurts: in its retail sales, as the super-wealthy might choose other destinations, says business analyst Shaun Rein in CNBC.

What migrant work is really like – Tricia Wang

Together with a migrant family, sociologist Tricia Wang went out to sell dumplings. In That’s Shanghai she reports about the tough life of migrant workers, trying to make ends meet.

Reaching customers in a meaningful way – Tricia Wang

Sociologist Tricia Wang dives into the world of China’s migrants to investigate the place of internet and mobile communication in their communities. In Market Sentinel she explains how how study relates to the needs of companies to understand their customers.

We need love, not more money – Zhang Lijia

Love in China is complicated, and often disguised in numbers, explains author Zhang Lijia on this Valentines’ Day on her weblog. “We need more love, not more money.”

Prostitution in China – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia reviews the novel Paying for It by Canadian comic artist Chester Brown on prostitution, but gets nicely sidetracked into her own upcoming novel on prostitution in China.

China’s angry bulls – Zhang Lijia

The village of Wukan was one of the latest high-profile uprisings of an increasingly better educated and world-savvy class of migrants. In The Diplomat celebrity author Zhang Lijia analyses why China’s ‘peasants’ will get their rights too.

Bars and bonding, field work in China – Tricia Wang

Now and then researcher Tricia Wang gives us a peek into her field work into China’s migrant worlds and their usage of internet and mobiles. For example here, from a bar – the living room for many – which turned into a tattoo shop.

‘Flowers of War’ better as a novel – Zhang Lijia

Zhang Yimou’s movie ‘Flowers of War’ plays strongly on the nationalistic feelings in China, but is no classic propaganda movie, tells author Zhang Lijia to the BBC. But she did like the novel more than the movie.

Real internet crackdown might backfire – Tom Doctoroff

Silencing the unruly voices at the internet might be high on the government’s agenda, but an effective crackdown would only backfire, tells Tom Doctoroff in the

Going home on Chinese new year – Zhang Lijia

Millions of Chinese have returned home, or are still trying to get there on time. Author Zhang Lijia feels guilty she did not make it to Nanjing this year, yet again, she tells on her website. But she is happy for those who did.