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An outspoken internet generation – Tricia Wang

Despite ingenious internet censorship, China’s internet users has always been able to circumvent those filters to a certain degree. Sociologist Tricia Wang see even a new group emerging, who is becoming more outspoken, under their own name, write Global Post.

The year of the squeezed middle class – Paul French

Being part of the aspiring middle class is not easy, Shanghai-based author Paul French knows. Their house keepers – or ayi’s – are hard to get, prices go up and your food gets poisoned, he summarizes the ordeal in the China Economic review.

The story of a US$ 2,000 purse – Bill Dodson

Bill Dodson’s housekeeper – or ayi – has a US$ 2,000 purse. On his weblog, the China veteran dives into the story of the purse and the spending habits of China’s noveau riche.

Why Wu Ying shouldn’t die – Zhang Lijia

The death penalty, especially for economic crimes, is a hotly debated issue in China, especially now billionaire Wu Ying is waiting in death row for illegal raising capital. Author Zhang Lijia joins in The Guardian the rising choir of opponents.

The shot across the bows of internet companies – Jeremy Goldkorn

After weeks of flying rumors on the internet, China’s authorities moved in to curtail stories on disposed leader Bo Xilai and even about a coup d’etat. Internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn guides us in The Guardian through the political minefield.

A massage job and a laptop in Henan – Tricia Wang

Sociologist Tricia Wang reports on a massage worker in Henan, an interview she had while investigating migrant workers and the way they use mobiles, computers and other communication tools. They are fully part of daily life, Tricia Wang describes on her weblog.

Doing a Foxconn – Bill Dodson

Suicide in China has now been linked to the poor working condition at Apple supplier Foxconn. But, as China veteran Bill Dodson discovers at a plant a Suzhou, love might destroy also the lives of young workers

The secret messages of ‘a dog’s life’ – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia attended a very popular play in Beijing “Life Attitude of Two Dogs”, and wonders on her weblog if she was really able to get the hidden meaning of the interactive play, if there was any.

What the censors did not allow – Tricia Wang

Yesterday That’s Shanghai published Tricia Wang’s much praised story on the life of migrants. But because it is a China based publication, censors need to have a look at it first. Not much went missing, she reports on her weblog. only the part on the Chengguan, local law enforcers with a pretty bad reputation among migrants.

New, smarter trends in raising children – Bill Dodson

Raising children in China has been cause for concern, because of tough parental and educational traditions, making kids’ lives to a hell, especially when you are not outstanding. But China watcher and father Bill Dodson sees – here on his weblog – also some positieve trends.