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Also land sales now scrutinized – Sara Hsu

President Xi Jinping anti-corruption drive has opened a new front as land sales by local governments are surveyed by the central government, notes financial analyst Sara Hsu in TripleCrisis, and she applauds the move. Much of the social unrest in the past years has been caused by those transaction, where citizens often lost from greedy officials.

China´s successful battle against slums and urban unrest – Ian Johnson

Unlike many other large cities, China has been avoiding the establishment of large slums and related instability, argues author Jeremy Wallace in an interview with journalist Ian Johnson at the New York Times. The abolishment of the hukou system is not expected any time soon, since it serves the government well.

The daring struggle against the death penalty – Zhang Lijia

Capital punishment is declining in China, although the country still executes more than the rest of the world combines. Author Zhang Lijia paints in the New York Times the struggle of daring lawyers who fight for their clients, and the slow success of their campaign.

Christmas: solid part of China´s spending season – Sara Hsu

China´s spending spree starts at Single´s Day, and ends with Spring festival, but even Christmas has gained support among the consumers, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat, although it a a indigenous Christian celebration.

The poor mental health of migrant factory workers – Zhang Lijia

Former factory worker, and now author Zhang Lijia looks on her weblog into the fate of Xu Lizhi, a 24-year old Foxconn worker, who of many who jumped to death on September 20. Xu was not only a migrant worker, but also a poet, she tells us.

Remembering the Cultural Revolution – Ian Johnson

Remembering the gruesome past of the Cultural Revolution has been a touchy issue, suppressed by the government, even though many at the current leadership have been victims themselves. Journalist Ian Johnson describes how things might be changing in the New York Review of Books.

Capping SOE´s top salaries helps firms – Zhang Juwei

Against the global trend, China is capping the salaries of the leaders of its major state-owned companies. A good idea, says Zhang Juwei of the Chinnese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in the Global Times, and in the long run beneficial for the quality of those firms.

Domestic violence law not enough to change men – Zhang Lijia

China is getting a law to protect women from domestic violence. An important step forward, although many have been critical about the draft law, writes author Zhang Lijia at her weblog, and it is far from enough to change the attitude of men.

Social responsibility: an issue for Chinese consumers – Paul French

Price and quality might be leading criteria for Chinese consumers, but surprisingly social responsibility of producers is also an issue. Author Paul French points in at two recent surveys, featuring increasing social conscience in Asia and China.

Closing the wealth gap by cutting executives´salaries – Zhang Juwei

Worldwide corporate executives might earn more than ever before, China is cutting their salaries to reduce the gap between poor and rich. China´s state owned companies (SOE´s) are setting an example, says Zhang Juwei, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, at the Global Times.