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Expanding China´s information horizon – Kaiser Kuo

Kaiser Kuo is leaving China after twenty years, and internet giant Baidu after six year. On May 4 he will get an award of the Asia Society Northern California, where he will settle down to work professionally on his Sinica Podcast. For Asia Society Kaiser looks back, on the internet and foreign correspondents.

Why a charity law makes sense – Rupert Hoogewerf

After seven years of deliberations, China is ready to adopt its first charity law. The sector has been marred by scandals, and the new law can introduce some oversight, says Rupert Hoogewerf, founder of the Hurun Rich List to Reuters.

Sex in a country without sex education – Zhang Lijia

Next year author Zhang Lijia will publish her novel Lotus, on sex workers in southern China, inspired by her grandmother. Caijing interviews her about this inspiration and about how sex changed in China.

China needs less control – Tom Doctoroff

Government control used to dominated every aspect of life in China. But when the developing service sector really wants to develop, giving up on control is crucial, writes China veteran Tom Doctoroff in the Huffington Post. That means a true change of culture.

Zhang Lijia to visit London in February

Author Zhang Lijia will visit London for most of the month February She is currently finishing her novel about prostitution in China, and a frequent commentators on social affairs in China. Your can read some of her stories here.

The slow but sure growth of more independent courts – Ian Johnson

Despite recent crackdowns on feminists and human rights activists, China´s judicial systems is slowly but surely moving into a more independent force in China´s bureaucracy, says Judge Jiang Huiling of the Supreme Court in an interview with journalist Ian Johnson for the New York Times. Courts get more autonomy, be it limited.

Is Xi really making a difference? – Ian Johnson

Compared to his predecessor Hu Jintao, China seems on the move under president Xi Jinping. But is he really. Journalist Ian Johnson wonders in the New York Review of Books after three years of Xi rule whether under the cosmetic moves, so much is changing.

What makes China tick? – Ian Johnson

Chinese are looking for new meanings in their life, says journalist Ian Johnson. They are looking for religious values, both condoned by the government or illegal, but also shop around for other spiritual values. And mostly the government supports that search, as long as there are no foreign links.

Xi Jinping´s US visit targets mostly domestic audience – Tom Doctoroff

Many might look at Xi Jinping´s American visit as an opportunity on an international level, but China´s leader is even more closely watching his domestic audience, so we might see few surprises, says China veteran Tom Doctoroff in the Los Angeles Times.

Ai Weiwei and the role of politics – interview: Ian Johnson

Artist Ai Weiwei and journalist Ian Johnson met in Berlin for a wide-ranging interview after Ai was allowed to leave China again. Ai Weiwei talks about the role of politics in his life, in the New York Review of Books.