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Paul Gillis joins China Speakers Bureau

The China Speakers Bureau is happy to announce that Paul Gillis, professor of practice and co-director of the IMBA program at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, will join its group of acknowledged speakers.

The China model: replacing middle management by competition – Bill Fischer

When Japanese ways to organize business like Just-In-Time hit the world, it changed how companies work profoundly. China has not yet produced such a disruptive model, but white-good producer Haier might just be on the way, says IMD-professor Bill Fischer in Business Week, by replacing middle management by internal competition.

A second generation of entrepreneurs – Wei Gu

A power shift is taking place as China’s first generation entrepreneurs is getting ready to hand over the reigns to a second generation. WSJ’s Wei Gu explores with Francis Ping of Relay China how this second generation differs from their fathers and mothers. More international, they speak a common language with entrepreneurs elsewhere in the world.

Haier: organizing entrepreneurs, not workers – Bill Fischer

China’s electronics manufacturer Haier has become one of the world’s leading firm in renewing its way to organize production. IMD-professor Bill Fischer explains in how workers are organized like entrepreneurs, working on their own fate.

Chinese: learning manners – Shaun Rein

As China goes fast global, its citizens try to get adjusted to international manners and customs, from eating with knife and fork to making different noises at the dinner table, Chinese turn massively to international etiquette and manners, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in the Korea Herald.

The corporate reinvention – Bill Fischer

Most companies in trouble restructure, scale down, very few are able to reinvent themselves. But it can be done, writes IMD-professor Bill Fischer in Forbes. Soon a book on the Chinese company Haier, one of the companies who reinvented itself, co-authored by Bill Fischer, will appear.

The disconnect between China hands and corporate life – Janet Carmosky

China is here too stay, in corporate life, writes China hand Janet Carmosky in Forbes. But between the China hands and that corporate life there is a huge disconnect, that needs to be repaired, she argues. China hands are used as painkillers, not as part of a long term strategy.

Why China is heading for a crisis – Wang Jianmao

Bulls and bears are out in full force on China. CEIBS Professor Wang Jianmao warns in NHPR for the danger of complacency after three decades of growth, where the word crisis has been eliminated from the dictionary.

Getting US education to China – Shaun Rein

A growing number of Chinese students flee to the US for decent education, including the daughter of upcoming president Xi Jinping. But large scale US initiatives might offer the same education soon at home, expects business analyst Shaun Rein in Forbes.

How to become successful in executive education – Bill Fischer

IMD-professor (and formet CEIBS dean) Bill Fischer wrote up on his weblogwhat makes him successful in executive education, answers on questions from CEIBS professor Ellie Weldon. “One of the few advantages that I have found to be associated with aging, however, is that sometimes people ask for your opinions, and then actually listen.”