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Religion: personal salvation or saving the world? – Ian Johnson

Journalist Ian Johnson, author of the upcoming The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao interviews Prasenjit Duara, a leading thinker on religion in Asia and (in this section) personal salvation and efforts to save the world, for the New York Times.

State tightens rules for religious groups – Ian Johnson

Religions have become more popular in China, but the government tries now to tighten rules for religious group, writes journalist Ian Johnson, author of the upcoming book The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao in the New York Times. Rules on religion are changed for the first time in a decade.

The revival of islam in China – Ian Johnson

When it comes to reviving moral values in China, most attention goes to Christianity. But in an interview for the New York Times with Matthew S. Erie, author of China and Islam: The Prophet, the Party, and Law journalist Ian Johnson hears the Islam is a similar emerging religious force. Ian Johnson is the author of the upcoming book The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao

Feeling good, the new trend among rich – Rupert Hoogewerf/Wei Gu

The habits of China´s rich change fast, as they look for a a healthier lifestyle, both physical and mental. WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu discusses with Rupert Hoogewerf, founder of the Hurun rich list, the changing trends among China´s wealthy.

The return of Daoism in China – Ian Johnson

Religion is making a comeback in China. But the position of Daoism, the fifth of the larger religions in China, is rather unclear, as it is hard to trace than other religious, explains journalist Ian Johnson to PRI. What is the place of Daoism in today´s China? From a transcribed phone interview.

On the rise of Tibetian Buddhism – Ian Johnson

Tibetian Buddhism has become popular in the West, but also among rich Han Chinese. Journalist Ian Johnson discusses with author John Osburn the reasons behind this popularity in a two-piece interview for the New York Times.

Churches are needed in a harmonious society – Zhang Lijia

Illegal house churches continue to suffer from government prosecution. Wrong, says the author Zhang Lijia in The Guardian. Religious movements should be accepted at a positive force.

China’s spiritual crisis? – Tom Doctoroff

Chinese are concerned with today, not eternity, Tom Doctoroff writes in the Huffington Post, a summery of his upcoming book “What Chinese Want, Culture, Communism and China’s Modern Consumer”.

Cautious about any organized religion – Zhang Lijia

Image via Wikipedia Celebrity writer and non-believer Zhang Lijia explains her attitude towards Buddhism, and religion in a rather personal interview with ExpressBuzz. I’m cautious about any organized religions, she…