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Has China a viable middle class? – The debate

No says Shaun Rein in Bloomberg, it might take at least another ten years before China’s middle class earns enough, and he advises clients to focus on premium products for the rich. Yes, says Helen Wang in CNN, since China is cheap enough. What do you think? Fill in our poll.

The End of Cheap China – USA Today review

New reviews of Shaun Rein’s “The End of Cheap China: Economic and Cultural Trends that will Disrupt the World” keep on appearing. Earlier in the week, the Wall Street Journal, yesterday USA Today.

Pricing not an issue for Starbucks – Shaun Rein

Starbucks has played its cards right in China, by not only selling coffee in a country of tea drinkers, but also by selling their product for a premium price. Business analyst Shaun Rein explains to AFP why Starbucks is so successful.

Why China’s middle class does not exist – Shaun Rein

Many Western brands in China might be targeting the emerging middle class, but that does not exist in China, like it does in the US, argues retail analyst Shaun Rein. Chinese consumer got for the premium products, or for the cheap, there is no middle ground, he writes in Bloomberg.

Why China will not take over corporate America – Tom Doctoroff

Will China take over corporate US? Not likely and certainly not very soon, argues China veteran Tom Doctoroff in his upcoming book What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and China’s Modern Consumer, and summerizes his argument here in The Huffington Post.

Three advises when you want to invest in China – Shaun Rein

Author Shaun Rein of The End of Cheap China: Economic and Cultural Trends that will Disrupt the World advised recently Mizuho Securities on key issues when investing in China. In Forbes three issues are summerized.

What do China’s rich want? – Rupert Hoogewerf

The super-wealthy in China get ever more spending power, but very few know what they are actually looking for. Hurun and the Imdustrial Bank asked them and Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf shares in the China Daily the results.

Why Neiman Marcus might fail in China – Shaun Rein

The US-based luxury fashion group Neiman Marcus has decided to enter the China market through e-commerce, rather than building brick-and-mortar stores. Business analyst Shaun Rein explains in the Financial Times why that might not be a smart idea.

Drinking English tea in China – Bill Dodson

Getting a cup of Whittards English tea in Suzhou, China, seems like an surprising experience. China veteran Bill Dodson explains on his weblog why foreign products like tea might have a chance in this tea drinking nation.

What do Chinese tourists want? – Shaun Rein

The world’s tourism industry looks at Chinese tourists to offset an expected drop in visitors from Europe. But here is the dilemma, writes business analyst Shaun Rein in CNBC, talking to a hotelier in Thailand: what the Chinese tourists want is very different from what the Europeans want.