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Why Google blew it for Facebook in China – Shaun Rein

When Google decided to withdraw its search engine from China, it was not just a corporate decision, but had large repercussions inside the country’s government too, explains business analyst Shaun Rein in the Pandodaily.

Apple is under-performing – Shaun Rein

Apple’s recent success in China might have gained it a lot of admirers. But the company could have done much better and could have turned China into its largest market, retail analyst Shaun Rein tells in the Pandodaily.

Ferrari, Apple: two products appealing to the rich – Ben Cavender

The Chinese are not trying to become middle class, they want to become rich, very rich. Products like Apple and Ferrari are helping consumers is creating that feeling, tells consumer analyst Ben Cavender in the Wall Street Journal and Adage.

Marketing to China’s middle class – Tom Doctoroff

Selling luxury goods in China has a different dynamic than marketing in the West, tells advertisement guru Tom Doctoroff in The Fast Company. “The product is a means to an end.” Chinese consumers need a good reason to buy.

Why China bought American movie theaters – Shaun Rein

Wanda’s purchase of AMC Theathers raised more than a few eyebrows in the US? Is China buying a backdoor to execute its soft power? Business analyst and author Shaun Rein explains in Foreign Policy what is behind this and other high-profile corporate purchase by Chinese companies.

Weetabix has chances in China – Ben Cavender

Shanghai Food, China second largest food producer, bought a controlling stake in Weetabix, the iconic British cereal producer. Ben Cavender of the China Market Research (CMR) believes there is room in the China market for the foreign food producer,

China’s innovation is lagging – Bill Fischer

China’s innovating power is not really moving forward, tells IMD-professor and author Bill Fischer in the Shanghai Daily. “You need also the ability to commercialize ideas as well.” Bill Fischer:…

The opportunities of “The End of Cheap China” – Shaun Rein

The changes described in business analyst Shaun Rein’s bestseller ‘The End of Cheap China”, offers not only challenges, but also opportunities, writes Seeking Alpha in a review of the book.

Even Chinese do not want “made in China” – Bill Dodson

Chinese brands are associated with cheap, chintzy and unaccountable, even for the Chinese writes China veteran Bill Dodson, author of the upcoming book “China Fast Forward”, on his weblog. Chinese brands are looking for a clean Western image.

Apple still lagging in China – Shaun Rein

Apple might be doing well in the China market, they could do better, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in Bloomberg. Apple is losing ground to the competition, because they focus better on the Chinese consumer.