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The final “Ich bin ein Beijinger” – Kaiser Kuo

After a decade, internet enthusiast and rock star Kaiser Kuo wrote his last column “Ich bin ein Beijiner” in The Beijinger, his take on his new home town in China. But he is not gone, he notes: “I’m not going anywhere, and you’ll know where to find me.” Kuo is currently spokesperson for search engine Baidu.

Helen Wang to visit London, Paris, Europe

Helen Wang, the author of the leading book, The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You, will be visiting London early December on the invitation of Lord Wei. She will also visit Paris and other parts of Europe and is available for speeches.

A nation of 1.4bn cold hearts – Zhang Lijia

The world, including China, reacted with shock at the pictures of toddler Yueyue, overrun by cars and ignored by passersby, hit the internet. Social commentator Zhang Lijia shares the feeling, but tries also to explain in The Guardian, why it happened.

British colonialism, racism and dog meat – Zhang Lijia

Celebrity author Zhang Lijia is annoyed by the British colonial attitude towards China, as urban myths on dog meat, donkey penises and other ‘weird’ food get the major focus the British, ignoring the country’s great cuisine, she writes in The Guardian.

Peter Hessler, the inspiration of my memoirs – Zhang Lijia

Bestselling author Zhang Lijia recalls in her weblog how award winning journalist Peter Hessler inspired her to write her memoirs, “Socialism Is Great!”: A Worker’s Memoir of the New China. Hessler won the MacArthur Foundation award.

Why the Chinese read fewer books – Zhang Lijia

Drooling foreign publishers are trying to enter the Chinese market, like recently on the International Book Fair in Beijing. But author Zhang Lijia warns on her weblog for too high expectation, as the already limited number of books per Chinese is even dropping.

What is the Chinese dream? – Helen Wang

The question “What is the Chinese dream?” is easier to ask than to answer, discovered Helen Wang, author of the book “The Chinese Dream”, when talking to audiences in the US. The result of her quest in Forbes.

Why I love Beijing – Zhang Lijia

Celebrity author Zhang Lijia answers on her weblog the artist Ai Weiwei, who complained in the weekly Newsweek that Beijing was no longer a livable place for him and a “constant nightmare”. She disagrees and explains why she loves Beijing.

“The spirit of the East and the West” – Helen Wang

Book author Helen Wang got a feature in the Chengdu fashion magazine “Grace”, describing her as “the spirit of the East and the West”. On her weblog Helen Wang describes her latest success.

“The epitome of the new China hand” – Paul French

Paul French started off his book tour for “Midnight in Peking” in Australia with some raving reviews by local media. “He has discovered there is a growing audience who, like him, is fascinated by the world of the old China hands,” writes the Australian.