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The growing sophistication of Chinese art collectors – Rupert Hoogewerf

A slowdown of art sales in China is not only caused by the anti-graft campaign or the economic slowdown, but also by a growing sophistication of the art collectors, says China Rich List founder Rupert Hoogewerf in Barrons. They are not only going for big-ticket super-stars, but develop their own appreciation.

A private tour at the Art Basel Hong Kong – Wei Gu

WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu enjoys a private tour at the Art Basel Hong Kong, with a strong focus on Asia. A leading exhibition where Chinese art is still favorite but other countries and young artists are emerging too.

The new generation of Chinese art collectors – Wei Gu

WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu gives into the lives of a new generation young art collectors in China, with deep pockets, no fear to start in the high numbers, and focusing on global art, not only Chinese art. In some cases the offspring of first generation art collectors, they influence also the taste of their parents.

My fascination with India – Zhang Lijia

India as a holiday destination raises different feelings among tourists, but author Zhang Lijia admits on het weblog she is fascinated by the country. She recalls her first stay in New Delhi, and how she encountered Anuj – a book seller in Delhi.

“Blind massage”, a movie review – Zhang Lijia

The movie ´Blind Massage´ (Tui Na) by the director Lou Ye has been winning a range of awards, including a nomination for the Golden Bear in Berlin. Author Zhang Lijia visited the movie with her friend Elke, and was impressed, despite some flaws, she writes on her weblog.

How Liu Yiqian bought a US$45 million art piece – Wei Gu

The Chinese art collector Liu Yiqian bought a major 600-year-old imperial embroidered silk at Christie´s last Wednesday for US$45 million. He tells WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu how the exiting bidding took place. From the Wall Street Journal.

Zeng Fanzhi: best selling Chinese artist today – Rupert Hoogewerf

Zeng Fanzhi, 50, is China´s best selling artist alive today with sales of US$84 million, according to the Hurun Art list 2014, published earlier this month together with Artron. The list offers an objective benchmark of Chinese artists, says its founder Rupert Hoogewerf in

Christie´s: catching art interest online and offline – Wei Gu

WSJ´s wealth editor Wei Gu discusses with the CEO of auction house Christies Steven Murphy in Hong Kong the fast growing interest in real time experience of art, and the growing interest in museum and online auctions.

China movies hit Hollywood blockbusters hard – Ben Cavender

China has become a major market for film fans, but increasingly their taste is going into the direction of domestic movies, leaving Hollywood blockbusters behind, tells business analyst Ben Cavender at the WSJ. How domestic movies makers changed from an underdog into a winner on the China market.

Changing trends on China’s art market – Wei Gu

The China art market is maturing, as the Art Basel’s first Hong Kong art show took off. WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu discusses with Kate Cary Evens, founder of Art Radar Asia, the latest trends in China’s art, as prices are falling, opening up for more investors.