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Risks and challenges of the Alibaba IPO – Ben Cavender

After Alibaba filed this week its paperwork for its upcoming IPO. Business analyst Ben Cavender looks at its great profitability, but also risk from competition in e-commerce and fear for pressure fro the big Chinese banks.

Book ´China goes west´ by Joel Backaler now available

The long-awaited book by China consultant Joel Backaler, China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global is now available on Amazon. Joel Backaler has been studying Chinese firms going global for the past decade.

Alibaba sets VIE golden standard – Paul Gillis

VIE structures are highly scrutinized and Beida professor Paul Gillis is fighting those structures via the Cayman Islands and other tax havens, although they need economic reforms to be iradicated. On his accounting website he looks at the IPO document Alibaba had to file and awards them the golden VIE standard.

Only better health care can stop hospital violence – Zhang Lijia

Stories about hospital staff being beaten up by angry patients and their families have become all too common in China´s media. Corruption and underfunding are the base of that violence, says author Zhang Lijia, who pleads for health care reforms in the South China Morning Post

Reasons why Chinese companies go global – Joel Backaler

Five reasons lists China consultant Joel Backaler in Forbes for Chinese companies to go global. Enough reason to pay attention. After 2013, 2014 promised to be another record year for Chinese companies to enter the worldwide market place.

China is catching up with the west – Shaun Rein

A lot of the old perceptions of China as cheap, and Chinese as avid savers, are cliches from the past, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in Arnnet. And while China is catching up with the west, western companies and country should make sure they deal with a fast changing China.

Only high unemployment might trigger off real stimulus – Shaun Rein

Figures coming from China, especially recent PMI data look gloomy, but business analyst Shaun Rein does not expect any major stimulus plan soon, he tells in MoneyControl. Only high unemploymency, for example when many graduates cannot find jobs in June, could trigger off a minor stimulus plan.

Is moving up the value chain a good choice for China? – Sara Hsu

Typically China´s economic challenge is seen as moving from manufacturing to domestic consumption and services. Financial analysts Sara Hsu looks at the experience in Japan and the US and wonders in the Diplomat whether that is a smart move.

China: poor according to whose standards? – Mario Cavolo

How rich is China? Many number crunchers have discussing that issue over the past few weeks. But the assumption China is a poor country, displayed in a blogpost at the Guardian, is certainly not true, writes an angry China veteran Mario Cavolo on his website.

A day in the life of Pyongyang – Paul French

Author Paul French publishes this month his next book on North Korea, North Korea: State of Paranoia: A Modern History. In the Guardian an extract where he describes a normal day in the life at its capital Pyongyang.