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China is catching up with the west – Shaun Rein

A lot of the old perceptions of China as cheap, and Chinese as avid savers, are cliches from the past, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in Arnnet. And while China is catching up with the west, western companies and country should make sure they deal with a fast changing China.

Only high unemployment might trigger off real stimulus – Shaun Rein

Figures coming from China, especially recent PMI data look gloomy, but business analyst Shaun Rein does not expect any major stimulus plan soon, he tells in MoneyControl. Only high unemploymency, for example when many graduates cannot find jobs in June, could trigger off a minor stimulus plan.

Is moving up the value chain a good choice for China? – Sara Hsu

Typically China´s economic challenge is seen as moving from manufacturing to domestic consumption and services. Financial analysts Sara Hsu looks at the experience in Japan and the US and wonders in the Diplomat whether that is a smart move.

China: poor according to whose standards? – Mario Cavolo

How rich is China? Many number crunchers have discussing that issue over the past few weeks. But the assumption China is a poor country, displayed in a blogpost at the Guardian, is certainly not true, writes an angry China veteran Mario Cavolo on his website.

A day in the life of Pyongyang – Paul French

Author Paul French publishes this month his next book on North Korea, North Korea: State of Paranoia: A Modern History. In the Guardian an extract where he describes a normal day in the life at its capital Pyongyang.

Where is the value in China´s bear market – Wei Gu

After four years of bear markets in China, some investors still see ways to make money. WSJ´s wealth editor and CFA Wei Gu talks to investment director Alan Wang of Value Partners, Asia´s largest hedge fund, about their China strategy.

How Bloomberg started, and killed political reporting in China – Howard French

In a detailed write-up for the Columbia Journalism Review former foreign correspondent Howard French describes how Bloomberg started to engage in political reporting in China, to compete with the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, but killed a successful journalism project, after China´s power-brokers turned up the heat.

Sexual abuse on the agenda is not enough – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia and her female class mates were the victim of sexual abuse when she studied in Nanjing, she recalls in the New York Times. Scandals have put sexual abuse on the official agenda, but that might not be enough, she fears.

Cautiously positive about China´s financial reforms – Sara Hsu

Financial analysts Sara Hsu has been predicting doomsday scenario´s for China´s financial stability in the past. But the announced financial reforms have made her carefully optimistic about the direction the country is taking, she writes in the China Brief.

Zeng Fanzhi: best selling Chinese artist today – Rupert Hoogewerf

Zeng Fanzhi, 50, is China´s best selling artist alive today with sales of US$84 million, according to the Hurun Art list 2014, published earlier this month together with Artron. The list offers an objective benchmark of Chinese artists, says its founder Rupert Hoogewerf in