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Corporate bond market might default before it matures – Sara Hsu

Hailed as an alternative way to raise funds, China´s corporate bond market faces a potentially fatal end as its second default is looming, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. Defaults were seen as way to discipline the market, but the opposite might happen.

Estimation: in 50 years, 20 million Chinese in Africa – Howard French

How many Chinese will there be in Africa in 50 year´s time? How will the state-to-state relations develop? After dozens of interviews with author Howard French on his book China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa, The Shanghaiist found some uncovered areas.

The Boeing hacking charges – Wendell Minnick

The FBI accused the Chinese citizens, including Su Bin (Stephen Su), owner of Lode-Technology, last month of hacking into US military projects. Defense analyst Wendell Minnick had a look at the FBI-document detailing the accusations for Defense News.

Two major myths on China-Africa relations – Howard French

Dealing with all to easy cliches when it comes to the Chinese in Africa, is one of the red lines in China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa, Howard French´s latest book. That story has been oversimplified he tells China Digital Times.

Mixed messages from China´s real estate – Sam Crispin

Follow the lead given by the government, is the key advice by real estate expert Sam Crispin. The market gives mixed signals, where some property developers do well, and others go down. But the government will stay in charge. A report by CKGSB Knowledge.

China´s unpredictable GDP – Sara Hsu

Slowing economic growth, uncertainty about measurement tools being used and promises by the government for reform. Those are just three elements making assessing China´s GDP for the coming years tough. Financial analyst Sara Hsu gives it a go at the Diplomat.

Income inequality grows, as economy declines – Sara Hsu

Income inequality is nothing new in China, but as economic growth declines, inequality seems to grow disproportionately, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in Triple Crisis. And that wealth moves abroad, in stead of helping the domestic economy to develop.

China´s real estate: no panic needed – Sam Crispin

Government interference, dropping prices, dropping occupation rates: China´s real estate has always been good for some panic in the media headlines. But there is no reason for panic, ways real estate expert Sam Crispin with 20 years of China experience under his belt in GPB News, although some diversification is in order.

Why soccer does not work out in China – Rowan Simons

Chinese love soccer and the ongoing World Cup is just showing that, even though China is not even playing. Unfortunately, soccer expert Rowan Simons tells CNN, the country lacks to fundamentals to become a soccer nation in the future.

The offshore Renminbi trade – Sara Hsu

Lower barriers to capital accounts, make it easier to trade in China´s currency, the Renminbi. Offshore trading centers expand, at the country builds up it financial leverage. Financial analyst Sara Hsu has a look at the expanding RMB clearance banks in the Diplomat. After Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt and Seoul, Paris and Luxembourg followed.