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Who is auditing Alibaba? – Paul Gillis

PWC is auditing Alibaba, but – writes accounting professor Paul Gillis at his weblog – it is very unclear whether the Hong Kong or the mainland offfice of PWC is doing the legwork. Officially it is the Hong Kong office, but Gillis has its doubts, and that might matter to the investors.

Property downturn: what are the effects? – Sara Hsu

Whether China property bubble is popping, or more slowly evaporating, the effects on its economy will be enormous. Financial analyst Sara Hsu lists three of the most important effects for The Diplomat. She predicts no crash, but very serious effects indeed.

North Korea: nobody´s puppet – Paul French

The Guardian reviews author Paul French´ extensively researched book North Korea: State of Paranoia: A Modern History. French deals with many subjects, including the country´s relationship with China.

China in Africa: savior nor demon – Howard French

Getting away from cliches is tough, but author Howard French tries to do so in his latest book China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa. In The Diplomat he tries to get some of the larger misunderstandings out of the way.

Rejoice: China investments are bigger than those from the US – Joel Backaler

For the first time, Chinese investments in the US were larger than US investments in China, announced the US Chamber of Commerce in April. About time, writes China consulent Joel Backaler in TealeafNation. “Americans worry that China is buying up the world. But there’s another, better way for U.S. authorities, businesses, and citizens to approach the influx: Embrace it.”

China getting big is just a matter of time – Arthur Kroeber

China has strongly resisted a claim by the World Bank that is had surpassed the economy of the US in PPP terms. Just a matter of time, says economist Arthur Kroeber. China will have to accept it will be the largest, he says in Radio Free Asia.

Risks and challenges of the Alibaba IPO – Ben Cavender

After Alibaba filed this week its paperwork for its upcoming IPO. Business analyst Ben Cavender looks at its great profitability, but also risk from competition in e-commerce and fear for pressure fro the big Chinese banks.

Book ´China goes west´ by Joel Backaler now available

The long-awaited book by China consultant Joel Backaler, China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global is now available on Amazon. Joel Backaler has been studying Chinese firms going global for the past decade.

Alibaba sets VIE golden standard – Paul Gillis

VIE structures are highly scrutinized and Beida professor Paul Gillis is fighting those structures via the Cayman Islands and other tax havens, although they need economic reforms to be iradicated. On his accounting website he looks at the IPO document Alibaba had to file and awards them the golden VIE standard.

Only better health care can stop hospital violence – Zhang Lijia

Stories about hospital staff being beaten up by angry patients and their families have become all too common in China´s media. Corruption and underfunding are the base of that violence, says author Zhang Lijia, who pleads for health care reforms in the South China Morning Post