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China as an imperial force in Africa? – Howard French

Has China become an imperial force in Africa? Author Howard French of China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa discusses the question how China jumped into a power vacuum in Africa and took the opportunities left by others. The use of the word “empire” has triggered off a debate, and French explains at ChinaFile how he sees Sino-African relations.

Knock-off Viagra will not change China – Ben Cavender

Expiring drug patents, including those of Pfizer´s Viagra, is not going to change the market in China, says retail analyst Ben Cavender at CNBC. Most of those drugs are anyway already available in China, he says. And the second-child hype most more materialize.

How to end the auditing wars – Paul Gillis

The ongoing stand-off between securities regulators in China and the US keeps auditing firms hostage and might eventually lead to the delisting of Chinese companies at US stock exchanges. Beida accounting professor Paul Gillis tries to map out a way out of the maze in Forensic Asia.(pdf)

The Chinese way of building in Africa – Howard French

Chinese building projects are popping up all over Africa. But mostly those construction projects are no partnerships with locals, but Chinese ventures tend to be all Chinese, author Howard French of China’s Second Continent tells Al Jazeera.

Real estate prices will drop, and people will buy – Sam Crispin

After twenty years of covering real estate in China, Sam Crispin has seen it all. He is not worried by the recent drop in house prices. “When prices drop, people will buy,” the UK-based real estate consultant tells in KBIA.

Can the US catch China in Africa? – Howard French

China is winning in Africa, author Howard French argues in his latest book China’s Second Continent. Can the US still catch up with China in Africa, he wonders in Bloomberg. Some serious rethinking is needed.

New bad banks do not solve local fiscal problems – Sara Hsu

China´s is setting up five asset management companies or bad banks to buy up bad debts on a local level, comparable to five national firms that bailed out China´s largest banks in the 1990s. But that will not help, if the current fiscal dilemmas for local governments are not solved, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat.

Zhou´s arrest: a watershed – Victor Shih

The formal arrest and expected trial of Zhou Yongkang means a change in how China is dealing with its ruling elite, tells political scientist Victor Shih in the International Business Times. “No leader is safe from corruption investigation… We see now the rule by law.”

Walking El Camino – Zhang Lijia

Walking El Camino, the famous pilgrimage road to Santiago de Compostela, is an old European tradition, but rapidly becoming popular today too. Author Zhang Lijia started yesterday her El Camino, and will keep us updated on her weblog.

5 Points globalizing Chinese companies miss – Joel Backaler

Going global is not easy for Chinese companies, and most of them are not prepared to enter markets outside China, tells author Joel Backaler of China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global at Knowledge CKGCB. Most are losing out on five points.