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Ethics firmly on the China agenda – Paul French

For those who have missed it: corruption is high on China´s hitlist for the past year, just ask executives at pharmaceutical companies. Author Paul French argues in Ethical Corporation the crackdown on foreign firms could have been expected, and will last.

Pros and cons of Chinese companies going west – Joel Backaler

Author Joel Backaler of China Goes West discusses at ´Thoughtful China´ the pros and cons of Chinese firms going west. Not surprisingly, Chinese companies make many of the mistakes foreign firms made when they entered China.

China now regulates overseas listed companies – Paul Gillis

New regulations by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) will bring audits of overseas listed Chinese companies under Chinese rule. A long overdue improvement, argues accounting professor Paul Gillis at his weblog. “These requirements are promising.”

China builds airstrip in South China Sea – Wendell Minnick

China is building up its military capacity in the South China Sea by constructing an airstrip at the Fiery Cross Reef, reports defense analyst Wendell Minnick based on regional media reports, in Defense News.

Raising US$500k in two minutes, the Dianrong story – Marc van der Chijs

China is not short of amazing success stories, especially when it comes to the internet. VC Marc van der Chijs is board member if and tells how the company raised US$500,000 in two minutes for a new financial product.

Qingdao´s drag on real estate and commodities – Sara Hsu

Fraud and scandals have been dragging real estate and commodities down in Northeaster Qingdao, with real estate prices dropping up to 30 percent. Financial analyst Sara Hsu sees it as a potential scenario for shadow banking in more parts of China, she writes in the Diplomat.

Why China´s millionaires turn to football – Wei Gu

Alibaba´s Jack Ma was only the latest of a string of Chinese millionaires investing into football in their country. Football is a game changer, only in the early phase of commercializatin, say WSJ´s wealth editor Wei Gu and Roy Lu of Starline Inc., a Sino-U.S. sports entertainment agency.

Hong Kong needs independent audit regulator – Paul Gillis

Hong Kong is failing to bring its auditing regulations in line with global practices, accounting professor Paul Gillis writes at his weblog. A well-funded independent audit regulator needs to clean up the industry. Paul Gillis uses the case of CPA Anthony Wu to prove his case.

One million Chinese building an empire in Africa – Howard French

One million Chinese are building an empire in Africa, former foreign correspondent Howard French writes in Quartz, a summery from his latest book, China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa.

The Chinese dream includes also national glory – Ben Cavender

President Xi Jinping has been redefining China´s dream. While personal achievement is important, what China achieves as a nation, appeals to its citizens too, explains business analyst Ben Cavender in CNN Money.